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New Dragon Ball Super movie doesn’t rule out weekly anime return

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball Super” returns in action in 2022, this is something that we have confirmed by the competent official bodies. On the other hand, what has also been confirmed is that the return of the saga to the animated model will be done through a film, the theme of which for the moment is completely unknown. Does this imply that any possibility surrounding a traditional anime must be ruled out? Well, at the moment it seems not. A new weekly Dragon Ball Super anime hasn’t been confirmed, but it can’t be ruled out either. It is thus through an interview on the new official site of “Dragon Ball” that an animator of Toei Animation made the hope of many. Next, we’ll leave you with the tweet posted by some of the most well-known public translators for the “Dragon Ball” fandom: As we can see, it seems a priori that the host is declaring that he’s excited about the new anime that is coming. will continue Dragon Ball Super ”. However, this is a translation error because, currently, the official “Dragon Ball” site for the most part lacks official translators, so they use a series of tools in the purest Google Translate style to properly reflect content in different languages. They support. We see, at the same time, that what the animator is really expressing is that he wants to see if there will also be a sequel for the weekly anime of “Dragon Ball Super”. Logically, this completely changes what was meant to be confirmation. However, this is still positive for fans, as Toei Animation can make these comments implies that it has not yet been decided that with the 2022 film the brand “Dragon Ball Super” will freeze again for several years. . We will therefore have to be patient to see if the announcement confirming the more animated content of “Dragon Ball Super” is produced in addition to the film which we know will land during the next year. During this time, we continue to have new manga chapters every month. In the shared article, you can find the one that is the first image posted for episode 72 of the manga, which is maybe very exciting.