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New Dragon Ball Super movie set to release in 2022, Toei Animation leaks

  • by Alba luz Leal
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We are facing one of the possible bombings in the manganime world so far in 2021. Since the end of Dragon Ball Super a few years ago, and the successful theatrical release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the adventures from Goku and the company just continued to move forward with the official Toyotaro manga. Fans have long crossed their fingers that the animated series will return soon, and finally, it looks like there will be an answer to their prayers. Community alarms have been raised following an article published by the European division of Toei Animation, the production company responsible for franchises as large as Dragon Ball and One Piece. In this entry, which appears to be a press release shared in advance, it is stated that during the celebration of Goky Day, which will take place on May 9, a big surprise will be revealed: the new Dragon Ball Super movie will be It will be released in 2022. This information can be corroborated by contributions from users such as Dragon Ball Hype or DBS Chronicles, who provide a screenshot with the leaked news. Thus, everything seems to indicate that in a few days the announcement that fans of the series have been waiting for so many years will take place, although for now we must continue to wait until the official confirmation. That said, what could the subject of the new Dragon Ball Super movie be? One of the more plausible options is for Toei Animation to decide to adapt Moro’s narrative arc to film format, which has already happened with the Golden Freezer or Beerus sagas. Another possibility is that Toriyama, Toyotaro, and their team are betting on a totally original story that turns a beloved character into canon, as happened with Broly. Until May 9, it’s time to bite your nails and wait.