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New Halo Infinite arts and designs revealed

  • by Alba luz Leal
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New Halo Infinite Enemy, Boss, and Gear skins for dreaming of this year’s first Halo Infinite are gearing up for release later this year. The expected game from 343i and Microsoft has been delayed to improve its visual section and technical finish. Well, the public and fans alike expect excellence from one of the most recognized sagas in the gaming scene and Xbox in general. Therefore, it is good to know how the subject is evolving. This time we bring you some concept art that was released in Halo Waypoint, from the hand of 343i. Among them we can highlight the design of the Brute heads, the razorback vehicle and another design. As you can see, the artists have refined their proposals to bring greater immersion. Well, a good design finish creates a new visual dimension. At this point I would like to comment a bit on the more curious details of the drawings. If we focus on Hyperion (the brute with the hammer), we can observe some gruesome Halo winks and add-ons. On the one hand, on the shoulder of the hammer side, we can see a Spartan helmet as a shoulder pad. On the other hand, if we look at the neck, several fingers of Spartan armor hang down. Here the question is whether these fingers are just the shell of the glove or whether the fingers are still inside. I want to think of this detail as inspired by the movie Universal Soldier, where a soldier hung his ears around his neck like a trophy (damn crazy). The armor of the other brute is simpler, but beautiful and elegant. As far as the barrel and the vehicle are concerned, the highly metallic design and the simple but matte colors stand out. This Halo seems to want to target an environment a little more oppressive or darkish in its general lines. They may be looking for a darker setting to emphasize the Master Chief’s sense of survival in the ring. Hopefully, we’ll find out more soon, and we can sink our teeth into the new installment, Halo.