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One Piece author’s extreme solution to keep all letters from his fans

  • by Alba luz Leal
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“One Piece” has become one of the most recognized products in the history of entertainment and its author, Eiichiro Oda, is also a name that actively resonates with fans of the manga and anime industry. In fact, Oda-sensei has received so many letters from his fans that at one point he was forced to take a bit of an extreme step to ensure that none of these emails were forgotten. Eiichiro Oda (One Piece), delighted with the letters of his One Piece fans, accompanied many fans until his adulthood It is thanks to the colleagues of Comicbook that we were able to know that, in an interview a few years ago, the author of “One Piece” revealed that he had to rent a small room to use it as a mail store. This is how Oda-sensei said himself: “I read them all (the letters)! Of course I do! I haven’t thrown away a single letter in 22 years. […] It’s too much to keep everything at home, so I rented a place to put the letters I’ve already read and any news that comes in is left there. It is a “close to closing the door” situation; Many thanks to everyone! You sent your most honest feelings in these letters, so obviously I can’t get rid of them! It seems clear that while the fame may be a little hard to bear, in the case of the author of “One Piece,” he is aware of all the affection behind every letter he receives. After all, at this point, Luffy’s journey is one that has been with some fans all their lives, and so it’s no surprise that a good chunk of them decide to contact who gave them the opportunity to grow up. together with a story full of emotions. Precisely in this regard we will point out that “One Piece” already seems to have a clear internal ‘expiration date’ in Shueisha. Well, again, we have been referred to the 4-5 year frame to achieve conclusion of the work.In the shared article you can find the most recent comments on the subject of the end of the franchise.