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Or was the end of the Attack on Titan manga really ruined?

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Respond quickly, sim. Nothing true, nor the end of the mangá if it was not different from what many expected, more or a big problem or a total lack of characterization that some people sofreram nessa final, especially not the last chapter. ATENÇÃO! OR TEXT ABAIXO POSSUI SPOILERS DO MANGÁ DE ATTACK ON TITAN! To explain melhor, I propose an exercise in imagination. It is written in 2019, not in chapter 122, when Eren actually destroyed the Muralhas, some have turned to you and falasse or follow: “This story will end with the death of Eren, or the genocide of 80% of the population. population and freedom of the two Eldianos da Maldição dos Titãs ”. Você acharia esse final tão absurdo assim? As it turns out since that time, due to some statements from Hajime Isayama, the manga’s author, many have speculated that Shingeki’s ending would follow this tom, but perhaps none were prepared for it. the tons of problems that appear in the last chapter. , literally starting its first pages, with Armin and Eren’s disastrous conversation. No case of Eren, extracts of his conversation literally seem from another character, for his successive contradictions, like answering “no sei” for the purpose of the questions asked by Armin. “How, do you know otherwise?” I asked myself in the next chapter. Just as Isayama wanted to leave certain quests open, or the story of pivô dessa should be able to answer more clearly for less than his motives. Well, I’m not saying Eren can’t be a confusing and contradictory person, but from the start of this demonless crusade, no indication of boredom or uncertainty about or what he was doing. Além disso, when we olhamos for Armin, like that ficam ainda pior, pois what should be the voice of reason ali, who was or escorted as commander of the exploration troop, which exploded or Titã Founder and lutou against or Titã de Eren no In the end, it just seems to oil whatever Eren fez from bom degree. Na verdade, ELE O THANKS. Sim, perhaps the most absurd and pathetic fala of this last chapter was Armin, literally ao to thank Eren and become a genocidal by them. And here it is worth clarifying that Armin could be both genocidal quanto Eren, or problem that a few minutes ago he was fighting with Aliança precisely to stop this genocide, and Aliança herself, formed by two rivais nations, was raised by this objective em comum. Or seja, combining with a message not the least problematic of all this dialogue, with the past impression and that all the construction of Eren and Armin is not adiant or of nothing até ali. Finally, for the conversations além dessa, or the rest of the waste and not the least oils, still embora sofra with the old errors of Isayama, like where he practically ignores or the rest of the world for além de Paradis and Marley, or that contributed so that many readers There is no real meaning of the genocide committed by Eren. As for the second part of the final temporada of Attack on Titan, we don’t have a new date, or the anime is slated to return in the winter temporada 2022. Also check out other Attack news on Titan: You can officially witness four seasons of Attack on Titan with Portuguese legends via Crunchyroll. By accessing the site via this link, you earn 14 days of free bonus in nova assinatura.