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Outriders exceeds 3.5 million players + more patches in progress

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Outriders team plans to keep updating the video game, will they comply? Outriders, Square Enix and the latest People Can Fly cooperative role-playing video game released almost two months ago continue to disappoint its gaming community. Although the development team has been working on fixing the most important issues, aspects such as the slow pace of bug fixing have been a source of criticism. In a recent post via the video game reddit, its community director commented on the work plan that the study intends to address in the coming months. You might also be interested: Saints Row: The Third Remastered debuts in the Next Generation. Regarding the schedule that the video game will manage from now on, is that players can expect information updates every Thursday, while the patches should normally be released on Tuesday. Video game social channels also aim to put more emphasis on showcasing community-created content. Development news. The note, which you can view by clicking here, provides a general summary of the sections to which more attention is paid, as well as a list of errors that are intended to be corrected in the future. The three pillars the dev team focuses on are damage reduction and survivability mechanics, legendary rewards delivery rates, and overall game balance. For more specific issues, the dev team Development continues to evaluate solutions regarding connection issues. In terms of multiplayer gameplay, a future patch will implement better matchmaking depending on the region in which it is played. Multiplayer tweaks should make it a bit longer to find matches, but that should result in better quality matches. The video game boasts of ratings. A video compilation with ratings and commentary from the press was posted on the official Outriders YouTube channel. And via Twitter, an infographic was shared that reviews some of the most notable statistics to date. From 120 million hours played to 20 billion enemies killed, are some of the statistics. Of course, the most relevant data is that in its first month, Outriders was played by 3.5 million players. To keep up to date with the most important news on the video game industry, especially related to Xbox, please feel free to visit our website frequently. You can find the Xbox community on Twitch, Twitter, and YouTube.