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Parasyte – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Parasyte is an extremely popular anime in the world inside, so check out the main characters of the work here, as well as some very interesting curiosities about them. Parasyte – Find the main characters of the work Check out the list of the two main characters of Parasyte below: Shinichi Izumi Shinichi Izumi is the main character of Parasyte. He’s a middle school student whose direct arm was infected with a parasite called Migi. Initially, Shinichi is an attentive and sympathetic person who cares a lot about people or gentlemen. However, it is also considered a failure, due to its lack of jeito and paralyzing bugs. Satomi Murano Satomi Murano is one of the main characters in Parasyte. She is generally a friend and companion of Shinichi Izumi, as well as great friends of Yuko Tachikawa and Akiho Suzuki. Over the years of the series, they develop a romantic relationship, but their attraction and affection, Shinichi’s other damaged hair and medium hair of his own monstrous nature and the medium hair of Shinichi’s Satomi’s secret behavior and changes in character. humor that results in provass and tribulations in your life. She never learns of Migi’s existence, but an augmented near-dead experience possa te-lo to use her abilities before the week Shinichi perceives. Reiko Tamura Reiko Tamura is a parasite and two teachers from Shinichi Izumi’s teaching. In general, she does not have emotions like other parasites, after giving birth she became more and more maternal to the point of giving her life to save her child. She is an important person with many of her actions affecting or intertwining. Gotou Gotou is an “experimental” parasite bred by Reiko. Its body is made up of five different parasites, of which it can be used to the maximum, making it two more powerful parasites in history. The main antagonist of the series. Migi Migi did not collect stray hairs that infested Shinichi Izumi’s direct hand. I migrated differently from two other parasites in the series. By not consuming the host’s brain (or allowing Shinichi to maintain his individuality as well), he did not develop or wish to eat humans. There are two main protagonists with Shinichi. Kana Kimishima Kana Kimishima is a disobedient “garota ma” who is beaten by Shinichi Izumi. Just as he had not rewarded his feelings, his death brought lasting emotional strain to Shinichi. Takeshi Hirokawa Takeshi Hirokawa was or leader of a Parasitas cabal which counts as Reiko and Gotou among its members. He was or prefect of the city of East Fukuyama and a human who sympathized like parasites. Hideo Shimada Hideo Shimada is a parasite as a teenage body who decides to join human society and work with Reiko Tamura to study Shinichi Izumi and Migi. Also check: Parasyte is available to be attended on Crunchyroll. By accessing the site via this link, you earn 14 days of free bonus in nova assinatura.