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Red Dead Online – Bounty Hunter Rewards and more

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Red Dead Online is part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog. The news of the week for Red Dead Online has already been revealed by Rockstar Games. This week, all Bounty Hunter missions will earn double RPG XP, while Free Roam Bounty Hunter events will award 50% more RDO $ and RPG EXP next week. Rated Bounty Hunters will receive a Treasure Map and 100 rounds of High Speed ​​Rifle Ammo. And bounty hunters who have passed level 30 will be able to exchange their RPG EXP for double the usual gold. You might also be interested: Outriders exceeds 3.5 million players + more patches along the way. Players who dare to enter the life of a bounty hunter by purchasing the license will also be rewarded with 25 throwing knives and 50 rounds of repeating weapon ammo. Runaway boards will offer the famous license for 3 less gold bars until June 7th. To encourage this profession is that throughout the week the levels required for horses and weapons will be disabled. The only exception will be the exclusive items for each role. And for those looking for other ways to make a fortune, all Free Roam competitive events will award double the XP than usual. This includes activities such as archery, headshots, fishing, or wild hunting challenges.) Weekly discounts. Limited Time Items: Dillehay Hat and Bendow Bowlers Jacket – 50% Off Famous Bounty Hunter Outfit, Bounty Hunter Cart Emotes and Tones – 30% Off Upgraded Mounts – 30% Off on Breton horses – 40% reduction Shirts, corsets and dresses – 30% reduction. Finally, having a Prime Gaming subscription and linking your Rockstar Games Social Club account before June 7 will allow you to obtain the following rewards: 50% reduction on the advanced camera and on a selection of outfits up to level 15.5 Toners camouflage. Animal pheromones. If you want to stay up to date with the most exciting news in the video game industry, please visit our website frequently and follow us on social media. You can find us on Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.