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ReLife – Conheça os principais personagens da obra

  • by Alba luz Leal
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ReLife is a succession anime in the inner world, so here I find the main characters of the work, as well as some interesting curiosities about them. ReLife – Check Out The Main People At The Work Check Out The Main People At ReLife Below: Chizuru Hishiro Chizuru Hishiro was one of Arata Kaizaki’s classmates at Aoba High School during this ReLIFE experience. Embora she is very intelligent and always gets a number of pontuações melhores in her series, she is very poor to communicate without social skills, because of this she is still sozinha. Hishiro was, na verdade, or test subject # 001 of the Kantou section of the ReLIFE lab. Seus’ interpenetration issues kept me from maintaining a business for a long time, your program’s short-term business list ended up going unoccupied. His first year of ReLIFE experience was a failure, but he got a second chance and he made an effort to make friends in the second year. With the help of Kazaki and her friends, she was able to overcome her previous problems and restore her damaged and not past feelings. Arata Kaizaki Arata Kaizaki is the protagonist of the story and an unrepentant 27-year-old homem. He hadn’t been able to start a new business since leaving his first business in just three months. His lifestyle is full of hope when he was invited to become or Test Object # 002 no Kanto Branch of the ReLIFE program or listen to Ryō Yoake to change his life for me. With the help of a mystery pill, his appearance was reversed for a 17-year-old boy, and he had to attend or become a transfer student for a year. Ao long gives life non ensino medio, returning to the nursery to youth, forms laços inesquecíveis, learns to cope or passado and develops as a person. You will regain the self-confidence that you lost, so you were able to make a success of your experience and place yourself in the company. An Onoya An Onoya is a third-grade student at Aoba High School, the school Arata Kaizaki attended after becoming a teenager, and she is also a transfer student like her. However, the actual function of the ReLIFE support division and Ryō Yoake’s junior supervisor did not experience ReLIFE. The real seriousness or support of Kaizaki, but that’s also changed. The more she becomes or genuine support of another subject, Subject # 001, Chizuru Hishiro, later. Rena Kariu Rena Kariu, Arata Kaizaki’s classmate who sits next to him as a teenager and a member of the Aoba High School Girls’ Volleyball Club. Not started, when Arata Kaizaki meets Rena she is quite critical considering it’s not the first day she was hit with cigarettes in the bag, but she is careful or enough to borrow a pencil from him and get drunk when she needs it. Ryō Yoake Ryō Yoake is one of the main characters of ReLIFE, acting as a support for Arata Kaizaki and has no experience of ReLIFE. Yoake has worked very seriously as a supporter of Arata Kaizaki, in order to intervene in his ReLIFE to help him develop positively, although he is against the rules of the ReLIFE program. Kazuomi Ōga Kazuomi Ōga is a third grader at Aoba High School and a close colleague of Arata Kaizaki since he became a teenager. He is very intelligent and always reaches the highest pontuação among the men of his series, by isso he has repeatedly chosen as the representative of the turma. Isso, with his appearance, contrasts with his low athletic ability and low density when it comes to romance. Michiru Saiki Michiru Saiki was Arata Kaizaki’s superior in his previous company. Saiki supported Arata Kaizaki as a rookie civil servant, more due to the constant murder of her colleagues at work, she was driven to suicide, or whom Kaizaki raised to leave the company to work for only 3 months with a job or employment. Honoka Tamarai Honoka Tamarai is a third year middle school student of Aoba High School who is in the same class as Arata Kaizaki and is the captain of the Women’s Volleyball Club. Honoka is a happy person to be there, very caring. She was also very unhappy. Internally, she is thoughtful. She cares deeply about her friends, especially Rena Kariu. Also check: ReLife is available to be assisted on Crunchyroll. By accessing the site via this link, you earn 14 days of free bonus in nova assinatura.