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Relive the origins of the Dragon Ball manga on this official YouTube channel

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball” has been an active franchise for over three decades, and during that time fans have enjoyed hundreds of anime episodes, manga chapters, and other content. Logically, in its purest origins, it all started with Akira Toriyama’s manga, which now has the opportunity to shine again in the middle of 2021. Officially enjoy the most classic Dragon Ball It’s thanks to the DBS Chronicles user we have known Saykio Jump now has a new official YouTube channel which has only one goal: to recover the classic manga “Dragon Ball” in video format, with sounds and effects of ambience and in color . Then we’ll leave you the one that is the first episode: Today the second part of this first chapter has also been released, and it has been confirmed that every Saturday we will receive more similar content from “Dragon Ball”. At this time, it’s unclear whether the intention is to revisit the entire story of Goku’s original story step by step or if it will be something of a limited time. Even so, it’s a free experience that, even with the language barrier, is pleasurable simply because of the memory it evokes in the fan. What the regular “Dragon Ball” viewer / reader may not like is the fact that the 2022 film, which will be released as part of “Dragon Ball Super,” could be produced entirely in CGI. Below you’ll find the rumor that set off the alarms of more than one IP fan: Ultimately, in this article we’ll be leaving you with another nostalgic journey in which, at the time, we were celebrating the 35th anniversary of the birth of “Dragon Ball” compiling the five best moments of each saga.