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Ricardo Crespo’s daughter opened up about the mistreatment of her father

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Ricardo Crespo’s daughter, Valentina, has spoken of the sexual abuse she accuses her father of, which led to the artist’s arrest last February. The 15-year-old posted a video in which she opened up about the issue, which took a lot of work to file the complaint and ensured that her mother could never imagine what was going on, but immediately believed her. In the video, he assured that he hopes his experience will help the victims not to be silent and to report this type of assault, which can even come from very close people. “It’s very sad, because it happens more than you imagine, it happens in families, it happens everywhere and not just in Mexico, all over the world. Unfortunately, Mexico is the number one country in child sexual abuse. In addition, Ricardo Crespo’s daughter asked that if someone is going through a similar problem, they must not be silent, because they must end this type of abuse. I just said that you who are going through this, if you have been through something similar, something similar, something that scares you to say, that you are silent, or you are saying it and you are afraid In the first place, do not remain silent and silent! The best thing you can do in the world is talk! Free yourself, report it ”. He admitted it was a complicated issue in his life, but his mother’s support was fundamental as she has been at the foot of the canyon since learning of the abuse she was a part of. Ricardo Crespo’s ex-wife criticized those who insult his daughter. It’s a very difficult process, I’m not going to lie to you, but the best I could do was that. “I have a mother who is a warrior, she helped me get through everything, they tell her a lot, ‘How did you notice? How did you leave her with him?’ (Because) it was my father, it was a person she trusted, she had never imagined it, never! I never gave any clue. Despite his daughter’s accusations, Crespo is still being held and is following the process in the southern prison in Mexico City.