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Rise of the Shield Hero – Summarize Two Bows

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Rising of The Shield Hero is a huge success with its second and third temporada confirmed, here’s a little recap of two story arcs, as an introduction to what they will be. The Rising of The Shield Hero – I summarize two Confira arcs or summarize two arcs of Shield Hero below: Arc 1 – Summoning of Naofumi Iwatani, Ren Amaki, Motoyasu Kitamura and Itsuki Kawasumi are summoned from parallel worlds as four legendary heroes to protect the world from As waves da calamidade. Motoyasu as the hero of the spear, Ren as the hero of the sword, Itsuki as the hero of the bow, and Naofumi as the hero of the shield. No departure on the third day after her summons, Naofumi was brought up in the casting and accused of being the stupid Myne Sophia, party member. When we all condemn ourselves as guilty, ele sai do castelo com raiva. Sozinho, sem dinheiro or equipment, Naofumi goes on a solitary adventure in this new world. Arc 2 – Escrava Depois was rejected by society based on false accusations, Naofumi was abandoned by everyone and unable to rise to the level. After being approached by a mysterious homem, Naofumi purchases a demi-human slaveholder to level up together. Arc 3 – Second wave Finally, due to the invocation of Naofumi chegou. When a wave of calamity appears, you must fight to defend Melromarc. Arch 4 – Filo Rial Depois de ganhar um ovo filolial in a jogo gatcha, Naofumi or nourishes the physique surprised by its rapid development. Arc 5 – Disguising Agora as meios to Gerar Renda, Naofumi and her party traveled through Melromarc as traders, finding adventures long ago. Arc 6 – Third wave A third wave is upon us! Naofumi prepares for another battle, however, an unexpected opponent appears. Arc 7 – Diabo do Escudo As the third full wave, Naofumi is able to continue her adventures. However, his growing list of inimigos plans to topple Heroi do Escudo. Arc 8 – Punição As the real perpetrators after captured Naofumi’s false allegations, it’s time to bring their sins to light. Arch 9 – Ilha Cal Mira With word that the Cal Mira Activity Event is ready to begin, Naofumi and her group will lead the archipelago so they can energize themselves. Long year of travel, they found new friends and inimigos for them. Arc 10 – Naofumi’s own common interval, the other heroes are gathered to discuss the future and how to make it stronger. Arc 11 – Spiritual Tartaruga Uma força misteriosa da natureza ravages everyone or everyone. Naofumi and her group must stop this unknown beast to save the world. Arc 12 – Reconstruction – Part 1 A great contribution from Naofumi to deter Tartaruga Spiritual, the land of Melromarc. Now is the time for Naofumi to recruit residents for her nova terra. Arc 13 – Reconstruction – Part 2 Now that Naofumi ganhou villages for new territory, it is now time to train and update the infrastructure. Arc 14 – Wrath Dragon O guards disaster when Gaelion, a new baby dragon from Naofumi’s vila, engole or dragon king’s core of an ancient and mighty dragon. Arc 15 – Fallen Heroes Após will be defeated by the catastrophe Ren, Itsuki and Motoyasu lutam how it means to be a hero. How will they struggle with this new responsibility? Arc 16 – Justiça Enquanto In Zeltoble, Naofumi reunites with Itsuki, who has been manipulated by Malty to realize her own distorted sense of “Justiça”. Arc 17 – Counterattack results in a flaccid flow É or Rising of The Shield Hero’s seventeenth story arc. This arc contains chapters 256-274 in an exclusive arc of the new canvas. Arc 18 – Os Novos Sete Sins O new arc two seven sins é o tenth arc oitavo in the history of flushing the hero of the shield. This arc contains chapters 275 to 290 in an exclusive arc of the new canvas. Arc 19 – Houou Finally, at the second Besta Guardiã is ready to wake up. Or can Naofumi and others stop this in order to prevent another Spirit Tortoise catastrophe? Arc 20 – War of Heroes I don’t care about the world, suppressing the losses of Phoenix, a new, self-proclaimed “but strong” invaded hero or global scenario. It is perfectly clear that your intentions are neither for nor for. How can Naofumi and others overcome a withered power? Arc 21 – True Two Worlds or Arc results in True Two Worlds or Twenty-first Arc of Rising of The Shield Hero. This arc contains Chapters 334-351 in an exclusive web novel arc. Arc 22 – Final arc OR final arc é o twenty-second volume eo final arc of The Rising of The Shield Hero. This arc contains chapters 352 to 378 in an exclusive arc of the web novel. Also check: Rising Shield Hero is available to assist on Crunchyroll. By accessing the site via this link, you earn 14 days of free bonus in nova assinatura.