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Russia creates Covid-19 vaccine for pets

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Russia has produced a first batch of 17,000 doses of its animal carcinoma vaccine, Carnivac-Cov, Russia’s Federal Veterinary and Phytosanitary Oversight Service (Rosseljoznadzor) reported today in a statement. Part of the doses have already been reserved and will be shipped as soon as possible to several Russian cities and regions, including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Irkutsk, Magnitogorsk and Novosibirsk. “The Russian market is actively expressing interest in purchasing Carnivac-Cov for the prevention of the novel coronavirus in animals produced by the Federal Animal Health Center” (FGB ARRIAH, in Russian), the regulator said. According to Rosseljoznadzor, companies from Germany, Greece, Poland, Austria, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Lebanon, Iran and Argentina have also demonstrated interest in the Russian anticovid vaccine for animals. He added that around 20 institutions are willing to negotiate the registration and supply of the drug in their country. “The registration dossier for the drug abroad, in particular in the European Union (EU), is in preparation and will be quickly used for the registration process,” he said. Russian regulatory body adviser Yulia Melano told TASS that for now the maximum production volume will be three million doses per month, but in the future it could be increased to five million. Russia authorized the vaccine last March, assuring that it is the world’s first registered drug against Covid-19 in animals, although detailed results of clinical studies have not been released. Preclinical analyzes of the vaccine began last August and concerned mink, cats, dogs and ferrets: 130 animals of each species. “The success of the first stage made it possible in October of last year to move on to clinical trials of the vaccine in animals under industrial conditions,” the regulator said recently. In the fall, more than 200 furry animals, cats and dogs were vaccinated, a study that was also successfully completed, according to Russian authorities. The regulatory body assures that the results of the studies showed the effectiveness and the safety of the drug in the tests. Rosseljoznadzor also reported that in all testing the developer adhered to the principles of ethical treatment of animals. Russia states that no special requirements are required for preparing healthy animals for vaccination, but recommends that pregnant and sick animals, as well as those that have not reached two months of life and Newly calved females (one month ago) should be vaccinated, according to TASS. To date, cases of Covid-19 in animals have already been recorded in 27 countries around the world, according to the same source. You may also like: