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Sailor Moon – A Story and Powers of Sailor Chibi Moon

  • by Alba luz Leal
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With Sailor Moon Eternal ready to place the holofotes in Sailor Chibi Moon, here’s everything you need to know about the Little Guardian, like her story and powers, along with some really interesting curiosities about her. Sailor Moon – A Story and the Powers of Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Chibi Moon was originally featured as Chibi Usa (full name Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity) in the Black Moon arc of the Sailor Moon manga in temporada 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal. Ela é filha da Neo Queen Serenity e do King Endymion, as future versions of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) and Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask), respectively. Originally born I don’t know 20, Chibi lived as a child for 900 years due to Cristal de Prata de sua mãe’s power and being of royal blood. You say your country will reach a certain destination, stop to grow, and simply prosper as the royal family of Terra for a millennium. I don’t know 30, Tóquio was renamed Tóquio Cristal. Although two countries of the world were born, Chibi Usa’s long childhood was not full of happy branches. His country was engaged like any other that rarely paid him any attention. She is nenhuma outra criança por perto com quem jump, Chibi Usa grows up feeling lonely and not loved by her country. When Chibi Usa started attending school, she couldn’t make friends because of her status as a princess. Often intimidated by other children, she dared to prove her kingship by using the power of the Lendário Cristal de Prata de sua mãe. No time when he gave up his demands for his courage and recovered his crystal from his mother, or Clã da Lua Negra launched a brutal attack on Terra that left all dead and placed his country and Guardi Guardes Marinheiros in an everlasting sound. . O Clã então a escolheu para o Cristal Prateado de sua mãe. Crediting to be responsible for the destruction of Terra, Chibi Usa attempted to undo the damage by asking for help from your unspoiled country. Tendo opens on the past adventures of his mãe as Sailor Moon de seu pai, Chibi Usa rationalizou que seu eu pasado tinha or power to conquer or Clã Lua Negra. At that time, some chaves of the tempo of Sailor Plutão and trouxe-se para o seculo XX. Or the role of Chibi Moon in the defeat of Black Lua I don’t know 20, Chibi Usa did not reveal her identity to her future countries immediately, fearing that they would credit her and refuse to help. It was not the case that the Clã da Lua Negra abducted Mars, Mercúrio and Jupiter which he began to reveal more about or the reason for his failure. She then agrees to wake up the year at 12:30 pm to learn more about the situation in the quest. I don’t know 30 years old, Chibi Usa reveals that his future country is Rei Endymion confirms for the youngest Mamoru and Usagi that he is destined for his future filha. Enquanto Sailors Moon and Venus, along with Luna and Artemis, have worked to resolve Clã da Black Lua, Tuxedo Mask’s crisis with Chibi USA, knowing that she trusts him more than anyone else. Chibi Usa’s Life as Sailor Guardian As Sailor Guardian, Chibi Usa has the same determination and peace pela justiça as su mãe. He has a strong moral compaction, compassionate towards others and the friends of the people who are in the world. These characteristics become invaluable during the ameaça of two Death Busters, who plan an alien invasion that does not result in the rebirth of Sailor Plutão and does not awaken the other two outer guardians: Sailors Uranus, Netuno and Saturn. The latter woke up at a time of crisis to destroy reality and trigger its rebirth. Also discover other news on Sailor Moon: All Sailor Moon Crystal anime episodes are available with Portuguese legends on Crunchyroll. By accessing the site through this link, you will earn 14 days of free bonus in a nova assinatura.