Samurai X – I summarize two arcs of work

Samurai X, these are two other remarkable animes that exist out there, so here I give you a little summary of two arcs, I guided him between the events that mark them. Samurai X – I summarize two arcs of the work Confira or I summarize two arcs below: Arch of Tóquio OR Arch of Tóquio and the first arch of Samurai X. It is divided into 6 mini arcs: Prologue (Mangá: Vol. 1-2 (Chapters 1-8) Anime: Episodes 1-5) OR Jin-E Kurogasa Mini-Arc (Mangá: Vol. 2 (Chapters 9-14) Anime: Episodes 6-7) OR Oniwaban Mini-Arc (Mangá : Vol.2- 4 (Chapters 15-30) Anime: 8-11) The Battle of Yahiko (Mangá: Vol.5 (Chapters 31-33) Anime: 12) Or Raijuuta mini-arc (Mangá: Vol.5- 6 (Chapters 34-44) Anime: 19-21) The Seikiho Army Revival (Manga: Vol. 6 (Chapters 45-47) Anime: 23-24) O arco é, na verdade, a collection of minor arches, presents Kenshin and his group’s daily rattans mixed with ação. Arc de Kyōto Or Arc de Kyōto é or second arc of the manga Rurouni Kenshin. According to the data shown, any or all arc occurs in a three month period, starting May 5, 1878 and ending next year, Kyōto Obon Festival, August 15, 1878. This arc has the greatest repercussions of Himura As ações of Kenshin, as a great antagonist was born, due to his pendant facanhas or Bakumatsu, or successor of Hitokiri Battōsai: Shishio Makoto. It stretches hair volumes from 7 to 18, or more specifically, it covers chapters 48 to 151 of the manga and episodes 28 to 62 of the anime. Jinchū Arc or Jinchū Arc is the third and final arc of Samurai X’s mangá. You came when Himura Kenshin was confronted by his brother, Yukishiro Enishi, whose first wife of Kenshin, Yukishiro Tomoe, died 15 years ago in front of seus olhos. The arc surrounds Enishi leading a ‘Jinchū’ (human punishment) campaign with his own band of warriors against Kenshin and his allies in the hope of mergulhá-lo em um inferno e fazê-lo sofrer or the maximum possible. It stretches volumes of hair 18-28 and covers chapters 152-255 of the manga, but it has never been animated since the anime was canceled in 1998. Also check:

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