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Santander president reiterates his confidence to invest in Mexico

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The main shareholder and world president of Banco Santander, Ana Botín, yesterday underlined “the enormous confidence” that the financial institution must continue to invest in Mexico. Botín, visiting Mexico, wrote a message on Twitter thanking “the hospitality and kindness” of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, with whom he spoke for about three hours on Wednesday. “We have enormous confidence in Mexico and we will continue to invest and support Mexican SMEs and families,” added Botín, who highlighted the work done by Banco Santander in this country as “great work”. On Thursday, Botín held meetings with the bank’s work team in Mexico. Banco Santander “will continue to invest” in Mexican territory, the president said yesterday after a meeting with Ana Botín. “Yes, I met yesterday, we had lunch, with the president of the council of Santander, Ana Botín, and we talked (we talked). They plan to continue investing in Mexico, they also aim to continue granting loans to small and medium-sized businesses, ”the president revealed during his morning press conference. López Obrador pointed out that “the conversation (conversation) has been very productive” with Botín, although he did not detail the investment amounts or specific plans. On Wednesday, during a virtual press conference, Botín said that “Santander trusts Mexico, the potential of the country and the Mexicans”. To back up his remarks, he said that they had made a new investment bet for the offer we made to the minority shareholders. “We estimate an additional investment in the country at $ 500 million and we will continue the plans we announced last year for infrastructure, for new projects, which have obviously been delayed a bit by the issue of the pandemic. “he said. With information from the EFE agency You might also be interested in: