Satoru Gojo – History and Character Powers of Jujutsu Kaisen

Satoru Gojo is one of the two most beloved characters in Jujutsu Kaisen and perhaps the most powerful character in the series right now. But not only is it a unique feiticeiro jujutsu, it’s also incredibly charismatic – a Kakashi Hatake inspired design that works great! Despite being funny and carefree with his students (including the protagonist Yuuji Itadori) and his friends, Satoru is hostile and cruel like the bureaucrats das institutionições de feitiçaria. Extremely confident in his own abilities, even though he seems arrogant, he considers himself the most powerful and invincible jujutsu. When questioned by Itadori, he could defeat Sukuna (even more powerful curses) in his full form, Satoru Gojo did not hesitate to confirm that he was. His self-confidence is so powerful that he himself claims not to engage in any activity for the future, once he is able to do anything or whatever he wants. Segundo Saturo, seu “não-envelovimento” and hardly benefited from the novas gerações. Skills But this is all very true. Behind confident words and a carefree demeanor hides immense power. Despite not being or personagem with a greater amount of amaldiçoada energy, he is certainly or more skilled as an immense power. This power is also manifested in the physical abilities of Satoru, who is able to deal with powerful curses only with physical blows, such as not starting the fight against Jogo. Soft strength, speed and reflexes are very close to medium, so are powerful feiticeiros like Yuuji himself, a physical prodigy. All this physical and energetic capacity is accompanied by a great intellectual and tactical capacity. Satoru is able to analyze opponents very quickly and with little information, as well as adapt to any inimigo. Even several high level curses are unable to do a job for Gojo. Jujutsu Manipulation of Amaldiçoada Energy Known as the two most powerful feiticeiros, Satoru has a colossal amount of Amaldiçoada energy. Large or enough so that Gojo can use his domain extension several times a day, or the reverse of just once other feiticeiros. O energy field is also flawless. Satoru Goju can activate his Dominion in a split second, use curse reversals, and combine positive and negative energies. Lastly, Gojo still has access to Six Olhos (or the only time to attain that power) and also a technique loved by his family, Limitless. Limitless This familiar technique provides the user with control over or over space, allowing manipulation at the atomic level. This basic skill translates into subsequent techniques with different effects. Infinite: Designed as a skill to “stop” coisas, it is the true or power of Satoru to decrease at coisas speed in an integral way. When something or someone tries to hit Satoru, it reaches a true or an infinite between them. In the same way that Zenão’s Paradoxo prevents Achilles from winning a round against Tartaruga, nothing can touch Satoru if he doesn’t want to. This is a “neutral” form of Limitless. Amaldiçoada Lapse Technique: Blue: To concentrate negative energy or enough to form a point of vacuum, Gojo creates a space where the rest of the world tends to smooth this void, causing all matter to be concentrated in a certain space without a point of vacuum. Produção de Alta Energia Amaldiçoada, Amaldiçoada Technique Lapse: Blue: Increasing to the intensity of the “void” raised or else it will behave like a black mini-buraco, all the material attracted and compressed and destroyed in a violent way. Gojo can manipulate the point of attraction slightly, increasing the technique’s destructive power. Reverse amaldiçoada technique: Red: Send an inversion of blue, red, or reverse effect, causing a point of extreme repulsion. I am uplifted by a positive energy of love, the theme of the power of Blue. Hollow Purple: Combining the two forms of Limitless, Satoru combines the attraction and repulsion of blue and red to create a warping singularity or space, instantly extinguishing all matter in his own way. Barreira Curtina Techniques: Gojo can raise barreira around an area. This curtain can seal the area against the entry of other people (or a specific person) to enter / exit. Unlimited Void: The expansion of a Gojo’s domain creates a metaphysical space that faces as the victim receives all kinds of stimulation and information in an infinite way, preventing you from thinking. He can activate this technique for only 0.2 seconds, limiting the nacheal effects that affect the technique and can generate immunity to burn the wanted. Six Olhos Not much is known about Satoru’s olhos other than the fact that they participate I don’t use Limitless techniques and that should be an injured technique as well. Yuta stated that either Six Olhos allows Satoru to reduce his amaldiçoada energy consumption to next to nothing – or he uses the monstrous amount he has at his disposal, this means that Gojo will never use his amaldiçoada energy during a fight. Jujutsu Kaisen (translated for Batalha de Feiticeiros no Brasil) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since March 5, 2018. Individual chapters are compiled into tankobon volumes and published by Shueisha since July 2018. A series is authorized and published in Brazil by the publisher Panini. Volumes are published monthly for the time being. An anime adapting the story of Jujutsu Kaisen began releasing in 2020 in Japan on Crunchyroll. He is responsible for Mappa, the same responsibility for the last temporada of Shingeki no Kyojin Acesse or the site via this link and then I have 14 days of free bonus in a nova conta.

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