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Sonic the Hedgehog returns in style for its 30th anniversary

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Sega celebrated Sonic’s 30th birthday last week. The blue hedgehog is about to take the plunge in various disciplines and formats. SEGA hosted the Sonic Central event on May 27 as a tribute to the 30th anniversary of the Blue Hedgehog. Where we have seen that the SEGA mascot will be present in a large number of events and productions of all kinds, in addition to video games, of course. After a presentation with the creators of Sonic Prime, Netflix’s upcoming animated series, an orchestral concert was presented which will take place on June 23. In this concert, the music of the SEGA saga will be played during these 30 years. Plus, we’ll be able to get a taste of this concert at Geoff Kighley’s Summer Game Fest event on June 10th. Upon entering the playable realm, Sonic The Hedgehog will actively participate in several current and upcoming video games. For starters, we will be able to play all the Olympic Trials dressed as SEGA Hedgehog in the official game of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. We will also be able to enjoy several Sonic games in Lost Judgment during our visit to the SEGA Club in Yokohama. While not all were going to be invitations and stellar appearances for other titles, SEGA also announced a new edition of a classic in the saga, Sonic Colors: Ultimate. Title initially released on Wii and Nintendo DS in 2010, it will arrive for the first time on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC exclusively for the Epic Games Store. Sonic Origins, a compilation of early SEGA titles, has also been announced. Finally, Sonic Team has announced that they are working on a new franchise title that will hit the market next year. If you want to be informed of all the news in the Xbox world, follow the Xbox community through our social networks on Twitter, Twitch and Youtube.