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Sonic the Hedgehog turns 30 with animated series

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Sonic The Hedgehog saw a resurgence in popularity with the premiere of his latest film, SEGA had only harnessed the hedgehog’s fame through a few titles and toys, but with the film he is now one of the most popular characters. known at the time. New generations ignore that Sonic The Hedgehog is a character that has been around for three decades, as this distant title for the Sega console has seen three generations of players grow up alongside him. SEGA: Sonic The Hedgehog turns 30, will celebrate with animated series As it is difficult to reach 30 years of existence in the world of cartoons and animated characters, SEGA is already thinking about how to celebrate 30 years of Sonic The Hedgehog and it will be in a very special way. As it turns out, SEGA has announced plans to celebrate Sonic’s 30th birthday, and Japanese developer Shinagawa has hosted a global event that has raised high expectations. For those of you who are longtime gamers, you will surely remember that in 2010 SEGA released Sonic Colors Ultimate for the Nintendo Wii. This title will be reissued with various improvements, as well as more lively and animated drawings. There will be even better in the gameplay of Sonic Colors Ultimate Not only will it be in the pictures, but the improvements will also be present in the controls, as well as a renewed game mode, among other updates to make it amazing. There will be no change of scenery, the action will continue to unfold in the interstellar amusement park built by Dr. Eggman. Recall that Sonic The Hedgehog’s task in the game will be to free these strange beings, in addition to having countless adventures through the scenarios. How much will the reissue of Sonic Colors Ultimate cost? The re-release of Sonic Colors Ultimate will arrive in standard and remastered versions for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One on September 7, it will cost $ 40 (nearly 800 Mexican pesos). But there will also be a deluxe digital version that will cost $ 45 (around 900 Mexican pesos) and have exclusive content that you can download as soon as you connect to the internet. There will be a new animated series of Sonic and it already has a title The biggest surprise of the 30th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog will be that there will be a new animated series, which will be called “Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps” . The series will be based on the re-released video game and on this occasion everyone’s favorite hedgehog will feature the voice of voice actor Roger Craig Smith. The Japanese company has also confirmed that it is already working on the next Sonic game and that it will be a 3D title, although it has not given more details on the development. Without further ado, here is the trailer for the re-release of Sonic Colors Ultimate: