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Spectacular new Goku ‘Samurai’ figure that drives Dragon Ball fans crazy

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball” is at this point more than just an anime or a manga; For many it is a culture, a franchise that they can address in a wide variety of media with an endless number of different products. Thus, for years, the intellectual property of Goku and the company shines through its recurring presence in the market for collectible figurines. Today we’re bringing one of the most amazing new products we’ve seen in the past few months. Dragon Ball Turns Goku Into A Samurai With This Brutal Collectible Figure Before we take the plunge to meet the specifications of this Goku figure, we’ll leave you a series of images to enjoy in as much detail as possible what, certainly, can be one of the best figures ever created as part of “Dragon Ball”: As we can see, this Goku ‘Samurai’ is one of the most unique representations that have been seen to date for the protagonist of “Dragon Ball “. The figure, from Blue Sky Studios, comes in two different sizes, which logically affects its final price. In this sense, we can get the 1/4 (81x42x46 cm) or 1/6 (54x28x31 cm) scale action figure, which leaves us with the following payment models: 1/6 scale action figure: Deposit of $ 95, payment of $ 90 for the next three months and a final month of $ 100. The total price is $ 365. Figure 1/4 scale: $ 115 deposit with immediate payout and $ 100 payout in subsequent months. Final price of $ 515. The figure includes three different heads in addition to a hand to swap, and therefore the variants that can be seen of Goku in the pictures. Additionally, although with no set release date, it has been predicted that this piece of “Dragon Ball” will begin shipping to buyers starting in the third quarter of this 2021, making this expectation less than in others. occasions. Ultimately, we will remember that in order to buy the figurine, you can safely go to the FNC store; You will find this one from Goku in particular in this same link. Nonetheless, we recommend that you take a look at how many they have for sale, as they have a truly impressive collection.