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Stop everything! This would be the plan the Marvel universe has for the Hulk

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES.- Without doubt, one of the most popular superheroes in comics is the Hulk. And that has been one of the more complicated issues for the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to your movie. After several years, the Green Man became one of the public’s favorite Avengers thanks to Mark Ruffalo’s portrayal that established him as a star. The guesswork, twists and turns, and other questions have left the Hulk in the eternal question of when he can have his solo movie. There have even been rumors that Marvel could have reclaimed the rights to the character’s cast. Of course, none of this has been publicly confirmed or clarified, leaving fans in the midst of uncertainty. In this sense, remember that Ruffalo had made some statements when announcing the arrival of “She Hulk” and it was brutal. “I want to make one thing perfectly clear. Today, an independent Hulk movie will never take place, ”he replied to a journalist with a smile that left more than one and one on the verge of insanity, his gestures being taken for a wink. eye. The Hulk hunters become the hunted in “Gamma Flight”! The new gamma-powered series from “Immortal Hulk” will launch in June. ??:— Incredible Hulk (@Hulk) March 15, 2021 But when asked for the reason for his response, Mark Ruffalo said: “… for some reason they don’t “I don’t know how to play well with Marvel” and “… because they don’t want to make money”. But despite this, a large number of media are assuring that Project Hulk is on its way and that would be good news for fans who expect a good movie of this superhero after the previous ones didn’t have much to say about it. success. Of course, if that comes to fruition, Mark Ruffalo would star in the Green Man, since he’s undoubtedly become that character’s icon in movies. On the other hand, rumors have started and suggest that the plot could be based on the World War Hulk comic. But one more theory suggests that, for good madness, a project with multiple Hulks might be brewing.