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Studio Ghibli museum in Japan must resort to donations due to COVID-19

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all regions of the world in different ways, both due to the loss of life it has caused and the impact on the market that it has also generated. In this sense, at the time, we reported how the Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan had to temporarily close its doors to the public. From now on, the establishment will have to resort to donations to be able to move forward. The city of Mitaka will provide all the necessary support to the Studio Ghibli Poki Museum, the mascot that Hayao Miyazaki has created for the city of Mitaka It is from Crunchyroll that they reported the intentions of the city of Mitaka, which will seek to use a special tax from Japan as a donation to raise up to $ 91,652 for the museum. The tax in question allows you to choose a city to donate money to, recovering the total that was given with the exception of a fixed amount of $ 18 in the subsequent tax presentation (this tax being an asset that can be added to the presentation). Another curiosity of the tax that the town of Mitaka will use to help the Studio Ghibli museum is that those who donate to a town receive a characteristic good as a gift; rice, wine, local cuisine … in Mitaka’s case, however, they will benefit from the “Poki”, a character that Hayao Miyazaki designed for the city and which will be incorporated into various private goods. Ultimately, the city of Mitaka confirmed that Studio Ghibli Museum donations will be split as follows: $ 76,438 will be used for support and repair. An amount of $ 15,214 will be spent on salaries and employee expenses. Ultimately, $ 6,003 from city funds will be used to develop Poki’s character, creating library posters and various educational materials.