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Sundays – Resident Evil 5 (2009) retro-review for Xbox 360

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The fifth installment of the Resident Evil saga was the first game in the legendary franchise to reach a Microsoft console. Incredibly, it’s been 12 years since Resident Evil 5 came out. 12 years since I played it while suffering from tonsillitis on horseback (which allowed me to skip classes for a few days, lol) and I was shooting massive amounts of antibiotics. Recuerdo con cariño comprar revistas especializadas de la época y me emocionaba con cada nueva información sobre este nuevo título, con el regreso de Chris Redfield y con la oportunidad de volver a adentrarme en una nueva entrega de una de mis tres sagas favoritas del mundo de los video games. Tras el inesperado y brillante Resident Evil 4, que introdujo cambios significativos en la franquicia, los fans estábamos ansiosos por ver hacia dónde iría la saga a continuación y qué otras innovaciones podría añadir, especialmente auspiciada por de consolasaba generational first years. It remained to be seen whether Resident Evil 5 would continue the action or return to its survival-horror roots. Additionally, this episode of Resident Evil marked the franchise’s entry into the world of Microsoft consoles, especially on Xbox 360, reaching many more fans than before. Building on even more action-oriented gameplay mechanics already established by its predecessor, Resident Evil 5 has reintroduced Chris Redfield as the main protagonist. Chris hadn’t appeared in the main series since the fantastic Resident Evil remake for the even more fantastic Nintendo GameCube in 2002. The problem was that here the character had undergone a makeover that amazed locals and outsiders alike. . Forget the frail guy in his STARS branded uniform. Instead, Chris’s character transformed into a muscular, macho man, able to smash pebbles larger than Mariano Rajoy’s head with his fists. The plot revolves around Chris, who is now accompanied by a new partner, Sheva, who travels to Africa on a mission. As members of the BSAA, the two team up to investigate the emergence of a new virus in the region. This virus, called Uroboros, turns the local population into infected bloodthirsty. With little help, they must rely on their own abilities to survive the hell that awaits them. The Resident Evil games never boasted of a great storyline, but this time around it was simplified to the core. Despite the introduction of several characters, most of whom were forgettable (I barely remember 2), the storyline also didn’t live up to the quality of previous games. The staging of this title also played an important role in creating (or rather shattering) an atmosphere of terror. For example, Dead Space, which went on sale a few months earlier, was able to create an atmosphere that still survives. Unfortunately, when this title arrived on Xbox 360 in March 2009, Resident Evil 5 failed to maintain the great horror setting of previous titles. Gone are the dark and intricate hallways of the Spencer Mansion, the terribly dark Raccoon City, or even the dark Spanish (Latino?) Town of Resident Evil 4. Placing players in a sunny, desert setting in Africa hasn’t paid off. As disturbing as the local huts, with decaying animal carcasses likely used for ritual purposes, the alleged impact on the environment was minimal. The levels with open desert landscapes, even less. Resident Evil 5 also retained the over-the-shoulder perspective of the fourth installment. As before, enemies could be hit in the legs, arms, torso, or head for different results. And the headshots were as bloody and bloody as ever, often blowing the enemy’s entire head. The enemies also followed the pattern of Resident Evil 4, where instead of having the Mythical Zombies, we had normal humans infected with a virus and had almost no control over their own actions. It looks a lot like zombies, but these of course didn’t have the same terrifying aesthetic and looked pretty bland. As if that wasn’t enough, the addition of a companion who accompanied us and helped us throughout the adventure, eliminated almost any kind of tension in combat, a clear feature of the saga. Speaking of partner, one feature of Resident Evil 5 that turned out to be much better than expected was the cooperative mode. For the first time in the series (not counting the fantastic Resident Evil Outbreak), we were able to complete the story cooperatively, either online or in split-screen mode. It affected the already thin atmosphere we talked about earlier, but taking down hordes of enemies with a friend or stranger online made for some unforgettable matches. Working together to take down a boss or interact with the environment in different ways created a new experience in the series. With two characters, item management also became less of a problem, as the two protagonists could swap weapons at any time. The intricate puzzles of some of the previous installments are also gone. Despite everything that has been said so far, Resident Evil 5 has turned out to be a good game. A good action game, to be precise. But not good enough as a survival horror game let alone a saga-worthy title like Resident Evil, something that was approved with the survival horror revival of the seventh and eighth installments of the saga. This over-the-top approach may not appeal to everyone, but it’s a title that won’t leave you indifferent. In addition, it has a very good cooperative mode and a large assortment of different weapons. It received surprisingly favorable reviews from critics on release (including ourselves), and I remember it vividly. If you want to experience it for the first time or give Resident Evil 5 a new pass, you can do so by purchasing the Xbox One version, which includes upgrades for Xbox One X and Xbox Series S / X or, like always, by demoting. compatibility.