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Terrible! Pokémon GO player lasts 1332 days in a gym and loses unlikely

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES – One of the most well-known mobile video games is undeniably Pokémon GO. And when we refer to this title, the image of a gym comes to mind at interesting times. Well, it turns out that a trainer called “BootsMade4Walking” lasted no less than 1332 days ahead of him. But the most incredible thing is that he lost his podium, and all because of a person who cheated. First of all, it’s important to note that Gyms and PokéStops usually spawn based on buildings of interest on the map. Of course, in these, trainers can leave their strongest Pokémon to get Pokécoins. The idea is to be able to buy items that help you progress and level up and get more and better creatures in Pokémon GO. But the world is at a standstill after some truly amazing news. It turns out that BootsMade4Walking was in a gym for over three years (1332 days to be exact). And this sequence was interrupted by a cheater who used the famous “fly” to get there. Therefore, it should be noted that this Gymnasium was in a remote location: the Blue Mountain Observatory at the University of Montana. Source: Imgur. The place was so remote that no Pokémon GO player had ever arrived except for this incredible record player. But everything was truncated after the publication of his exploit on Reddit, because a “fly” (method of changing the location and cheating the game) took the opportunity to “travel” there and “descend” to its mighty Ninetales and take control of the Gym. For this reason, the news began to generate a great deal of controversy over the various positions. Undeniably, BootsMade4Walking’s record will go down in history due to the degree of difficulty. In the first place, to access the place; and second, by the time spent in it. It is certainly sad that people use tricks in video games and this player’s record has been truncated in this way. For this reason, the community of players has shown solidarity with him and his courageous Ninetales who have honorably defended the Gym for more than 3 years.