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Terrible! These are the big chances that we have contaminated Mars with the NASA mission

  • by Alba luz Leal
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UNITED STATES – The Perseverance rover landed on Mars on February 18, 2021 in search of data that could help us better understand our neighbor. But doubts began to arise about a possible contamination by the NASA vehicle of the Red Planet, so it has been reported that this sad news has a high chance of happening. In this context, it was detailed that the microbes that have been on Earth for billions of years and are found in every corner. They are found throughout our body and can even infiltrate some sterile places. Previously, biological contamination testing was based on the ability to believe life from samples. Now methods such as DNA sequencing are used. Meanwhile, it has been detailed that it is possible for microbes to be discovered, which would be potentially problematic in space missions. And to ignore it would be a serious mistake in several respects, because in the first place it could affect the understanding of the characteristics of Mars. Second, it could pose a health risk to astronauts and malfunction of life support equipment. Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Lab on Twitter. On the other hand, there is the obligation to preserve life anywhere in the universe. Let us not forget that humanity does not have the best health and care record to date. From epidemics such as smallpox to the indigenous peoples of America until the spread of Covid-19 around this time. We are a species that, unfortunately, we have developed believing that we are at the center of everything and that the only thing that matters is the results. On the other hand, the NASA scientific team should ensure any type of life existing on another planet. And if there was interplanetary pollution, everything would change and the perspective pursued would be thrown overboard. And for example from this we can that recently the microbes of the International Space Station have evolved to the amazement of all. You will enjoy. I captured the 3rd flight of # MarsHelicopter in # 3D. Do you have red / blue glasses? Watch him go up and zoom in before returning to nail his landing. Story: Make 3D glasses: More of Mars in 3D: – Perseverance Mars NASA Rover (@NASAPersevere) May 12, 2021