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The 2022 Dragon Ball Super movie will be unlike any other; will have an unexpected character

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball Super” is back, though it’s never really gone. With the confirmation of a new movie in the franchise in 2022, fans of one of history’s most successful anime can smile once again as they wait for new content. Now, while details are minimal at the moment, we have a number of clues as to what we could / should expect. A Thousand and One Possibilities for the New Dragon Ball Super Movie Dragon Ball Super has already explored a new visual concept through the Broly movie in this way, regarding the first aspects that have been confirmed for the new movie of “Dragon Ball Super “is that it won’t be like the others we’ve seen previously in the franchise. While Akira Toriyama will once again be fully involved in terms of story, character design, screenplay, and composition, it seems clear that Toei Animation will be visiting “ uncharted ” territory for intellectual property for the time being. On the other hand, what Toriyama himself has expressed is that there are some surprises to be expected in visual terms, as well as some very interesting confrontations that “might” include an “unexpected” character. At this point, therefore, some final details for the 2022 movie “Dragon Ball Super” may still be being finalized, but it seems clear that at least one of the characters involved will be someone the audience didn’t have. not planned to see. Based on these comments, we might assume that the new movie won’t address the Moro upset ‘Dragon Ball Super’ arc, unless Toriyama-sensei plans to change what he voiced in the story. from the manga to introduce, perhaps, a character like Broly in action – something that is highly unlikely. This, therefore, leaves us with endless possibilities for valuation. So it may be that we potentially see an original story, perhaps with a new character as has happened several times in the “Dragon Ball Z” movies. In the same spirit, we cannot exclude the presence of Oob, who we have already seen with enormous potential in “Dragon Ball Super” or, once again, the aforementioned Broly, and these are two very promising characters who yet seem to be out of the main story. As a last resort, we could also bring up characters like Tapion, Boujack or similar with an overhaul like the one that happened in the past with Broly in “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”. What awaits us in the 2022 movie “Dragon Ball Super”, what seems clear is that it is destined to surprise viewers as they return to theaters for “Dragon Ball”.