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The 2022 movie already has a release window

  • by Alba luz Leal

Dragon Ball Super” has delighted millions of fans around the world by confirming a few days ago that in 2022 we will have a new feature film in the saga. However, all we knew so far was mainly that there would be a lot of Akira Toriyama involvement … although it looks like we already have a slightly more specific release window. The new Dragon Ball Super movie will be released no earlier than April 2022, and while Toei Animation hasn’t released any new statements, user DBS Chronicles has seen that the tape is reflected in the company’s latest financial report. So this allowed us to tighten the fence regarding the premiere of the movie “Dragon Ball Super” in 2022: Toei Animation’s financial report includes the movie premiere window. As we can see, in theory Toei Animation has plans to release the new movie “Dragon Ball Super” during or after the second quarter of 2022, which implies that it will be something that will happen between the months of April and December. . While we continue to have a wide range of possibilities, at least now we can rule out that the feature will see the light of day at some point early in the year. This information has led some fans to speculate on key dates for the phased release of the second film “Dragon Ball Super”, citing events such as the famous San Diego Comic-Con. For now, once again, we will point out that Toei Animation has not released any additional statements beyond that posted on the new official “Dragon Ball” website to announce the film. Ultimately, we want to remember that the new “Dragon Ball Super” movie doesn’t necessarily exclude or replace the announcement of a potential TV sequel to the original anime. In the shared article, you can find the reason why.