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The anime melhors of terror for you

  • by Alba luz Leal
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A lot of people love a great horror anime because that’s why we are going to show the horror anime of the genre here for you to witness, they are courageously for isso. Here are some horror animes that you can witness. Follow the terrifying list below: Ghost Hunt (2006 – 2007) While I was in school, Taniyama Mai and her friends started trading ghost stories. Apparently, a school campus has been abandoned on its campus which is the center of many ghost stories. During the story, they were interrupted by a mysterious male figure. One person ended up being Shibuya Kazuya, a 17-year-old who was president of the Shibuya Psychic Research Company. He was called in a principal to investigate the stories around the abandoned school building. No tomorrow, on the way to school, Mai passes her hair from school to questão. Examining a strange camera she saw inside, she surprises Kazuya’s assistant hair. You know, interfering with the investigation, Mai breaks a camera and Kazuya’s assistant is bruised. School Days (2007) The student at Makoto Itou Middle School noticed Kotonoha Katsura for the first time not at the start of his second semester, first year. Immediately the ecstatic fica with the beauty of the, but her shyness does not allow her to approach the, as they travel, not the same tremor every day. At the same time, the strip of a segredo photo is defined as your cell phone wallpaper: um feitiço which, kept in segredo, would help you make love. No, or classmate Sekai Saionji sees the photo, but rather than denounce him, she offers to help her join Kotonoha, trying to befriend him just for him. Assim, or trio begins such an improvised amizade. Mirai Nikki (2011 – 2012) Yukiteru Amano, a first year middle school student, struggled to make friends. He is seen as a spectator across the street and many times he is rare or seen in a cell phone everyday. Tormented by solidity, Yukiteru interacts with his imaginary friends Deus Ex Machina, or Deus do Tempo e Espaço, e Muru Muru or Deus servo. One day, Deus grants Yukiteru’s cell phone the ability to save or create hair within the next 90 days. Yukiteru is then forced to participate in a real battle with eleven other people, each day which is also a part of the daily life that he can foresee or the future in a unique way. The rules of the game being simple: before the end of the world on day 90, the competitors must find and kill all the other competitors, the last survivor will become Deus’ successor. Chaos, Head (2008) Long year in Shibuya, a series of assassinations called “Loucura da Nova Geração” has garnered widespread attention. Like these infamy ganharam crimes, they become a common topic of discussion among the locals. However, these “Nova Geração” assassinations neither attract nor interest Takumi Nishijou, an otaku do ensino medio who is frequently delirious and feels constantly observed. She cares about the real world, Takumi spends her time playing online games and watching anime. However, his life is normal and interrupted when he receives a gruesome picture of a prisoner at home on a wall from a user called Shogun. After calming down in an internet cafe, Takumi saw the exact same crime dinner that was portrayed taking place bem diante de seus olhos, with a pink haired boy covered in sangue chamando seu nome. Blood-C (2011) A peaceful schoolgirl during the day, a formidable noite monster slayer, Saya Kisaragi leads a divided life. Equipped with a ceremonial sword given to her by her pai for sacred tasks, she defeats all the monsters that love her small village. But very briefly, to Saya’s reality and everything she’s proving to be true and tested, when she reveals the monstrosities of a broken pact – something she doesn’t know anything about. And then, unexpectedly, a strange puppy appears; Ask her to whom she promises to protect Aldeia, curious as to what will happen if she doesn’t keep her promises. Haunted by unexplained visions, you see your world unfold to the Lord, we travel with Saya in her struggle to find a way to truly live in a city where nothing seems to be. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (2013) New students gather at their school in Noite to say goodbye to a friend. As he disguised himself among many students, they performed a kind of ritual to be friends forever, using small paper amulets in the shape of boneca. However, some of us do not perceive that these charms are related to Heavenly Host Academy, an elementary school that was destroyed years ago by a series of gruesome assassinations, a school founded on the founding of its own academy. Kisaragi. Agora, trapped in an alternate dimension with the vingative ghosts of the past, some of you must work together to escape – or join the spirits, two doomed forever. Another (2012) In 1972, a very popular honorary student named Misaki Morreu did not have a grade 3-3 school year at Yomiyama North Middle School. The rest of you, devastated by an unexpected loss, will resolve to continue in front of you as long as your colleague is still alive, making sure to keep a letter or location and plan a training ceremony. However, no one was able to explain why his dead and buried classmate was present in a formative photo. Then, in the spring of 1998, a boy named Kouichi Sakakibara was transferred to a classroom and began to suspend the atmosphere of the media that permeated the classroom. In particular, the éléphiques fascinated by a mysterious and indifferent garota like a tapa-olho who is always sitting there, doing nothing. A garota who or the rest of the class refuses to condemn. Uma garota chamada Misaki. Elfen Lied (2004) Lucy came from a special human race known as “Diclonius”, born from a couple of tiny chifers and invisible telekinetic masters who fell victim to the government’s human scientific experimentation. However, once circumstances presented an opportunity to escape, Lucy, corrupted by forcible confinement and torture, unleashed a torrent of blood as she escaped from her captors. During her escape, she received a ferment in her head that left her with a divided personality: some with a harmless child mentality with a limited ability to fail. In a state of instability, she prepares to welcome two college students, Kouta and her cousin Yuka, who I know I’m a fugitive who died of serious care, I know her murderous tendencies. This act of kindness will change their life, because of the logo they will be drawn into the dark world of government and conspiracy. Tokyo Ghoul (2014 – 2015) Tóquio has grown into a cruel and ungodly city, a place where crossed creatures called “ghouls” coexist as humans. The citizens of this other great metropolis constantly live in the midst of the bloody jungle and its headquarters of human flesh. However, the more I am aware that these ghouls represent to me a perilous ability to disguise themselves as humans and mingle with society. Based on Sui Ishida’s best-selling supernatural horror manga, Tokyo Ghoul was followed by Ken Kaneki, a shy and studious student, who was immediately drawn to Rize Kamishiro, an avid reader like him. However, Rize is not exactly burnt, it seems, and this hapless empurra Kaneki found for the dark depths of the world of the two human ghouls. In a revival of fate, Kaneki is saved for the enigmatic boyete Touka Kirishima, and so comes his new secret life as a meio-ghoul / meio-human who must find a way to integrate into both societies. Jigoku Shoujo (2005 – 2009) A story revolves around a garota chamada Ai Enma. Its existence is an urban lenda known only to a few, and mainly dessas pessoas conhece hair nome of Jigoku Shoujo, Garota do Inferno. It is known as the service it is supposed to provide, which involves satisfying the resentments of two customers they ask for, sending or inflaming the person the customer holds a grudge against. Shiki (2010) Shiki is not particularly common since 1994, in a quiet little town called Sotoba. A series of mysterious mortals began to return to the village, so a strange family moved to the very abandoned Kanemasa mansion on top of a hill. Megumi Shimizu, a young man who wanted to leave Vila and move to the city, faces a visit never to return. She was later found in the forest and tragically died. Toshio Ozaki, director of the only hospital in Sotoba, initially suspended due to an epidemic. But as investigations continue and deaths start to pile up, he becomes convinced that there are two living dead who are killing him. A young man named Yuuki Natsuno, who hated living in the village, began to be persecuted and surrounded by death. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories (2013-2017) O mysterious narrator of the mask amarela is a homem whose true origin is unknown. It appears in the evening, where the kids meet me and recite songs based on Japanese urban legends, which their young audiences frighteningly absorb. It doesn’t, or Narrator isn’t a common count counter. It incorporates a kamishibai, a traditional paper rolling device, to add visual resources to its já demente narração. Com isso, você viu melhores animes de terroris currently available. Also check: