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The author of Hibike! Euphonium will publish its first manga in 2021

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Ayano Takeda will explore a different format from the one she had worked with all these years “Hibike! Euphonium” has the recognition of anime fans as one of the best productions combining music and slice of life, enhanced by an artistic quality that defines the works of Kyoto Animation. On the other hand, its origin can be found in the light novels of Ayano Takeda, the author who in 2021 will make the jump to manga format for the first time with “Hana wa Saku shura no gotoku”, his new work. The author of Hibike! Euphonium presents Hana wa Saku shura no gotoku Before going into the details for the publication of the new one by the author of “Hibike! Euphonium”, we will leave you the tweet of Manga Mogura through which we were able to know this good news: Ayano Takeda will make the jump to the manga market next June We will therefore point out that the art of the manga “Hana wa Saku shura no gotoku” by Ayano Takeda will be in charge of Musshu, who will illustrate “Senpai ga oyobi desu” – Son art can be seen in the illustration to the right. Likewise, at the level of the story, we only know that the novel by the author of “Hibike! Euphonium” will deal with a story of ‘youth’, so in any case it seems clear that it will not deviate not too much of the age range of Kumiko and company. As information of interest, it has also been argued that the first chapter of “Hana wa Saku shura no gotoku” will be released via Ultra Jump, starting from volume 7 which will be released on June 18, 2021. At this point, it doesn’t There are no details regarding the dimensions or the method of publication, so it will be necessary to see how Takeda-sensei conducts his first official manga.