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The endearing nod of the Dark Souls community to the author of Berserk

  • by Alba luz Leal
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There is never a correct way to start a text related to the walk of one of those artists who marked a before and after within the sector to which he has devoted his life. Kentaro Miura passed away on May 6 at the age of 54, leaving devastated a community of fans who saw how Berserk, the work for which he is internationally known, lost its creator; While it is true that the words of thanks to the mangaka also came out of the mouths of some of his closest companions such as, for example, the author of Hajime No Ippo with a most moving letter. And is that, given the enormous influence that Berserk has had within other sectors and communities, it makes sense that there are many tributes and nods that have been revealed in relation to the work. of Miura, being an affectionate reference launched on the air by fans of Dark Souls, the one in which we will focus on these same lines. The point is, as the Twitter user known as 843RS collected, Dark Souls III fans placed a handy mark for other gamers at a specific point in the game that says the following: ” may the flames guide you “or, translated into our language,” may the flames guide you “; something that wouldn’t attract attention without the fact that it sits where you get the game’s great sword, which conforms as a reference to the Berserk protagonist’s weapon and, by therefore, a message love for the walk of its actor. With Berserk now in a new hiatus, albeit now infinite in nature, there are currently many doubts as to whether Miura’s job will ever be over. A situation in which we will be extremely attentive to bring you any news that may arise in this regard.