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The harsh reality of Dragon Ball Super that fans don’t want to hear

  • by Alba luz Leal

Dragon Ball Super” is the current saga in which Akira Toriyama’s work resides, and during that same month of May we will have a new manga chapter through which to continue exploring the Granolah arc. However, the truth is, her anime side doesn’t enjoy much of the same health, as it’s been over three years since the last chapter of it was released. Super Dragon Ball Heroes will reach a level of broadcast that Dragon Ball Super has not achieved. the anime “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” will soon add more active time than “Dragon Ball Super”. It is a reality that the user @FatedOmen has made known, and which has gradually spread in the “Dragon Ball” community on social networks. As the user points out, on July 1, “Dragon Ball Heroes” will air for three years in total, a period that “Dragon Ball Super” never reached in its first temporada. Logically, you have to take into account that “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” has a much more irregular release schedule, at best adding a new chapter each month. However, it is more than obvious that many fans of the franchise may be annoyed that the anime, although it does not even have an international broadcast, has continued support on television as it did not see “ Super ”. Obviously, “Dragon Ball Super” depends entirely on how it airs the progress of the manga, and the reality is that no matter how long Moro’s arc is, it’s the only one that has been completed since the Tournament of Power. In that sense, as of right now it’s still unclear when the return of the “Dragon Ball Super” anime will take place, and while it’s certain that it will eventually happen, it looks like it will still take a lot. patience .