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The manga that keeps Hunter x Hunter fans alive

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Today was reported the return to publication of a work with many years of inactivity “Hunter x Hunter” is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed works in the entire manga industry. anime. However, for years that his followers have seen how the story does not advance in the slightest, because the condition of its author (Yoshihiro Togashi) does not allow him to work with the regularity he would like. However, fans of Gon, Killua and others would do well not to give up hope of his return. Even a 10-year wait wouldn’t prevent Hunter x Hunter’s eventual return. Then we’ll leave you the Manga Mogura tweet that should make “Hunter x Hunter” fans believe that the manga’s return is still possible: As we can see, author Yasuo Ohtagaki hadn’t released a new episode. of “Moonligh Mile” for nothing more and nothing less than 10 years, a manga that sets two climbers who, after reaching the top of Mount Everest, decide that their next goal ‘with height’ will be to become astronauts. There is no doubt that this is a “break” that “Hunter x Hunter” fans thankfully haven’t had to watch so far. It must be remembered that it was during the month of last January that “Hunter x Hunter” reached a total of 100 consecutive volumes of Shonen Jump without having a new episode in its history. This makes, logically, that not only has the manga stalled in its lead for some time, but those who will enjoy the anime adaptation are also tied hand and foot in the absence of new content. Obviously, to this day, there is still no announcement of the return of the “Hunter x Hunter” manga. However, if Ohtagaki-sensei decided to return to “Moonlight Mile” after 10 years of inactivity, there is no reason to believe that Togashi-sensei could not end up doing the same if his condition improved from at some point.