The Moro arc? Original content? What will the 2022 film adapt?

Years have passed since “Dragon Ball Super” left us with new animated content, and given that “Dragon Ball Heroes” is all about non-canonized stories that don’t even have an official international broadcast, there were millions of people around the world who were hungry for news. Now everything indicates that tomorrow we will have the announcement of a new film for 2022, with many questions surrounding it. Although in a little over 24 hours the mystery surrounding this supposed new “Dragon Ball Super” movie will most likely be resolved, I will explore the two main options that we should evaluate around the following question: What will the movie “Dragon adapt” Ball Super “to” Ball Super “from 2022? Dragon Ball Super’s Moro Arc Those who only watch the “Dragon Ball Super” anime completely ignore the figure of Moro, who was the arc’s great antagonist before the current one “starring” Granolah. Asimismo, dicho arco fue uno de los más extensos que ha visto el universo de “Dragon Ball” hasta la fecha, lo que respondería perfectly a la posibilidad de que pudiera adaptarse mediante un largometraje de extensión como la que luciera “Dragon Ball Super: Broly “at the time. Logically, the main reason that plays in favor of the Moro Arc being the 2022 movie adaptation is that, as I pointed out, this is the next chronological step for “Dragon Ball Super”. Literally the only thing that happens before it gives way to Moro’s antagonism is what is reflected in the movie Broly, which in the manga was collected as a mere mention since all of the content was explained in the movie. himself. Moro, the big villain who marks the history of Dragon Ball Super after the Tournament of Power. Previously, I had already explored the possibility that Moro’s Arc was adapted as a new “Dragon Ball Super” movie, and the reality is that there are multiple axes that put pressure on Toei Animation. To mention, it is especially worth mentioning the fact that, on the one hand, we don’t have as much material from the manga available as when the weekly “Dragon Ball Super” anime came out and, on the other hand, the Toei Animation’s funds arriving for “Dragon Ball” have started to decline steadily with each new quarter. In evaluating these aspects, it is more than logical that it can be decided to rekindle the flame of the popularity of “Dragon Ball Super”, something that will bring a new round of economic benefits for Toei Animation, through more content. reduced such as a movie. It might not be the preferred decision of those of us who grew up with the anime episode, but at least we know from the experience of the movie “ Broly ” that the quality would be assured. Additional story content? Back to Broly? In this second point, the truth is that I will be evaluating up to three alternatives, although both move away from the previously stated idea of ​​Moro’s arc. We will start with the first that the subtitle expresses, that is to say that, as with Broly, it is decided to expand the canon content of “Dragon Ball Super” through a film that includes the strange character. classic. It will be remembered, after all, that while Vegeto was a canon fusion, Gogeta had only appeared in “Dragon Ball GT” in addition to the “Dragon Ball Z” movies. It is therefore alongside Broly that Gogeta also became canon during the film “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”. In this sense, there are many possibilities that could be addressed in a similar essence, albeit logically with the necessary changes that make sense. The “Dragon Ball Z” movies feature many characters who have become benchmarks despite their non-existence in the canon anime. We’re talking about characters like Tapion, Janemba, Bouajck and many more who pushed the Z Warriors to the limit in the feature film. Considering Broly’s case, it may well be that the 2022 movie of “Dragon Ball Super” saved one of those names as well, although a somewhat different story would have to be created so that in terms of power, there is no clear difference. compared to what we saw years ago. Could Broly lead the way and allow other movie characters to go canon? In the same vein, he could also return precisely to the style of “Dragon Ball Z” and take a completely original story out of the hat. Ultimately, the names of Broly, Janemba, and Tapion only existed before the films, and they never transpired past them (until “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”). In that sense, it might also be a good time to explore for the first time a “Dragon Ball Super” lore limited only to the concept of a movie. As a final idea, we must not exclude that we tried to make “Dragon Ball Super” films a way of highlighting Broly. Toei Animation is fully aware of the character’s popularity, and if he was designed to take on a canon presence in lore, there had to be some sort of goal. Could it be that the idea was to make the films a parallel way to tell about Broly’s presence with Goku and company? Conclusions Being completely logical, the possibility of enjoying more clearly in front of the supposed movie “Dragon Ball Super” for 2022 is none other than the adaptation of the arc of Moro. “Dragon Ball” is still a mass phenomenon and, logically enough, the masses want to know what is happening to Goku, Vegeta and the like, how their story progresses, and, in particular, what kinds of transformations and powers continue to develop. Still, nothing can really be ruled out, so we’ll have to wait and see what they surprise us tomorrow.

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