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The Naruto prequel that fans have started to claim

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Despite Boruto’s current popularity, many would rather go back to the beginnings of what is known. “Naruto” at the time told the story of a young man isolated by society who, little by little, managed to forge great friendships, fight incredible battles and rise up to become a Hokage respected by all. ninja. Likewise, we know that before his existence there were great generations of ninja, among which we find, for example, that of his father Minato, also Hokage. Now, many are craving a narrative line centered on this character. Minato, the next anime in the Naruto universe? Minato, one of the most powerful ninjas to exist in Naruto The truth is that Minato became crucial at some point in the history of “Naruto”, besides being a very distinctive styled ninja. This is why, in addition to the well-known tragic story with Naruto’s mother Kushina, which has recently gained traction, the desire for an anime called “Minato” which focuses on the story of Naruto’s father , as we have now. The “Boruto” dedicated to his son. When in doubt, this hypothetical project has led some to say that “I will pay whatever it takes to make it happen.” Likewise, others go even further, pointing out how little is known about who Minato was in his situation: “That would be amazing. We don’t know anything about him as a child other than that he was a genius. Who are your teammates? I’d love to see you and your genin team. Let’s also take a look at the process of creating Rasengan. When did you visit the toads to get sage mode? I’d like you to practice there -low. a lot of potential here. ”The reality, however, is that at this point there is no indication that this“ Minato ”is going to start even in the long term future. Ultimately, the story starring “Boruto” shows no signs of coming to an end, so we’re still a few years ahead of the story of Naruto’s son. Even so, this news should be very positive for Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of “Naruto” who knows he now has an interesting idea to explore.