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The Quintana Roo Congress could take over the parental PIN initiative

  • by Alba luz Leal
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The Quintana Roo Congress could take over the initiative of the parental PIN, the initiative to reform the local constitution and that parents decide which subjects are taught in schools, it would be in May, which is a violation of the rights of the man, says state mediator Marco Toh Euan. Although it has apparently been left in the freezer, everything seems to indicate that it will be in this month of May that the deputies of the XVIth Legislature, of the State Congress, will take the initiative to reform the local constitution on the so-called Parental PIN, which aims for the parents’ family to influence the subjects taught in schools, mainly those of a sexual nature. You may be interested: “Parental Pin violates children’s rights”, says Ana Pamplona In an interview with local media, MP Eduardo Martínez Arcila, said that these are issues that must be debated and analyzed, as local lawmakers have not yet reached agreements on this issue, so it has not been defined whether they reach agreements on this issue, to see if the initiative is amended or approved, as presented to the ‘time in plenary, although he reiterated that tutors and teachers should conform to what is taught in classrooms. For his part, Marco Antonio Toh Euan, president of the Commission on Human Rights of the State of Quintana Roo, said he did not know that the issue would be taken up, but assured that they are respectful of what the legislator said and they will do it. give their opinion if necessary. For its part, the Mexican Federation of Public Human Rights Organizations recognizes that the so-called Parental Pin violates the constitutional principles of education in Mexico. Likewise, it specifies that the measure not only prevents the escalation of rights, but also represents a clear regression in their exercise. In particular, it promotes the obstruction of the right to health and integral development, including sexual and reproductive health, as well as information to prevent and combat gender-based violence, in its information and non-discrimination dimensions. . Likewise, the initiative would have a negative impact on some current issues, such as the timely detection of child sexual abuse and gender-based violence, while basic sexuality education is an essential tool to prevent and detect. this type of abuse. By raising awareness of women’s reproductive health and the number of child and adolescent pregnancies, since one of the social minorities most vulnerable to lack of sex education is women, this education not only protects them from possibility of violence and sexual abuse, but also unwanted pregnancies of children and young people. In addition, the initiative allows the invisibility of girls and boys who are not heteronormous, school bullying and discrimination based on homophobia and lesbophobia, the agency said in a press release. The Quintana Roo Congress could take over the parental PIN initiative