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The reason Luis Miguel and Issabela Camil never married

  • by Alba luz Leal
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After Netflix announced the second temporada of the Luis Miguel series, millions of El Sol fans wanted to see the series because of the intrigue and romances that would be uncovered in the Mexican singer’s life. A story that left us the start of a third temporada? Now that the eighth and only chapter is out, the ending has given us a clue to think that there will be a third temporada, since apparently Luismi was going to marry someone. We must not forget that in the second temporada of the Luismi series we have seen everything, betrayals, embezzlement, romances and dramas around the life of “El Sol”. We also learned about the harassment of his little brother Sergio and the relationship with his eldest daughter, Michelle Salas and above all, the romance he had with his oldest girlfriend, Issabela Camil, who was played by Camila Sodi. Meticulous! There are spoilers so you better watch Chapter Eight If you haven’t seen the last episode we recommend that you do this before continuing with this text as there are spoilers and we don’t want to spoil the plot. Throughout the eight chapters we have seen that “Ericka” (Issabela Camil) is Mickey’s girlfriend, they will even live together after a split in which she travels to New York, but as in any romance, the couple repairs itself as best it can. But suddenly “Jessy” (Daisy Fuentes) appeared, a woman who is a journalist in real life and had an affair with El Sol for a while. The reason Luis Miguel and Issabela Camil Pero never got married is in the last chapter of the Netflix series, where Camila Sodi’s character sees an interview Daisy Fuentes does with Luis Miguel, where he claims to be single. Issabela Camil begins to remember various situations and realizes that Luismi had an affair with the journalist. This way, Isabella decides to leave Luis Miguel’s house and he remains seated with a ring, that it seems Mickey would give it to her shortly. That’s right, the romance with Daisy Fuentes and her Ongoing Affairs were the triggers for Issabela Camil to part ways with Luis Miguel.