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the Super Saiyan Blue ‘Gothic’

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball” has already left us with dozens of different transformations among all of its characters, although logically the ones that generate the most interest in this regard are both Vegeta and Goku. Thus, after having anticipated it on a previous occasion, it was in the middle of Goku’s day that Vegeta took all the spotlight through a new transformation into “Dragon Ball Heroes”. Vegeta is shining in Dragon Ball Heroes through a new flawless transformation, and before we get into the specifics, then we’ll leave you the clip in which you can see how Vegeta develops a new state of power, despite it happening in A non-canon series in the franchise: As we can see, this time Vegeta drinks from Son Goku to imbue his Super Saiyan Blue aura in a double layer. Unlike the protagonist of the franchise, however, this does not happen of his own free will, but sprang from the success in assimilating the negative essence that Turles exerted through his powers as an evil Saiyan. The result of this state is that while maintaining the slender body that provides the form of the gods, Vegeta obtains a double aura that even paints a thin outline around his eyes. Likewise, we see that the saiyan’s body contracts as in some of his most muscular transformations, like the Super Saiyan Blue Evolution or the Super Saiyan that we saw against the second form of Cell but, again, without lose the agile figure of the gods. It’s unlikely, however, that this transformation will end up happening one way or another in “Dragon Ball Super,” the franchise’s current canon saga. Even so, the transformation will surely help video games like Dragon Ball Legends or Super Dragon Ball Heroes to further expand the variety of characters available.