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There will be a reissue of ‘Born This Way’ 10 years after its premiere

  • by Alba luz Leal

Lady Gaga is one of pop’s biggest stars, the artist has sold millions of dollars in records and reproductions of her hits, was part of the Super Bowl halftime and even gave herself the luxury to doubt his gender. This and more has achieved Lady Gaga in a decade since she released “Born This Way”, an album that raised her to be one of the greatest exponents of the pop genre and, incidentally, earned her million fans around the world. Lady Gaga: They will be releasing a reissue of ‘Born This Way’ a decade after its premiere 10 years after the release of the album ‘Born This Way’, singer Lady Gaga will be releasing a special reissue that goes on sale on June 18 and will obviously bring bonus material to the delight of all its fans. The 10th anniversary commemorative edition, to be released under the title “Born This Way The Tenth Anniversary”, will include a new version of the song “Judas”. The new edition will include 14 original songs and several extras Universal Music has confirmed the launch which will feature 14 original songs and, from them, six more from the reinterpretation made by various artists. There is currently no confirmed list of collaborators, but it will be published “in the coming weeks”. For now, we only know the new version of “Judas” by American rapper Big Freedia, one of the first in the world of hip hop to open the debate on gender identity.