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These are all of Luffy’s transformations in One Piece

  • by Alba luz Leal
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“One Piece” is an anime that has left us with hundreds of different characters to date, each with their own unique combat abilities, among which skills but most of all transformations stand out. Precisely Luffy, the protagonist of the franchise, has proven to be a specialist in modifying his body for extra power. But what exactly have all the transformations you have undergone to date? Then we go over from the start of the captain, with a second gear that left him completely exhausted, up to the fourth gear and the different ways he has to make the most of it. March 2 March 2 was Luffy’s first transformation in One Piece March 2 was the first transformation Luffy showed us in “One Piece”, clearly showing that Gomu Gomu’s fruit had a lot more potential than just transforming it into a rubber man. In this state, Luffy speeds up the blood flow to his body – hence the change in skin color – to improve his overall physical condition, which is most noticeable in a drastic increase in explosive speed of which he is naturally capable. Although in its early stages this condition caused tremendous physical wear and tear, after years of development the current Luffy can use this transformation without feeling barely any physical havoc as a result. March 3 March 3 came to One Piece to increase Luffy’s strength If Luffy’s March 2 was more about improving the protagonist’s speed and acceleration – which logically translated into strength additional -, in the case of the third of March The captain of the Straw Hat Pirates inflates like a balloon. With this, he manages to get his muscles to acquire excessive mass, which at the same time provides him with the use of much higher brute force than he has in a basic way. In its origins, the Third March had one of the most comical consequences in the use of all “One Piece”: Luffy ended up being reduced to a dwarf from expanding his mass beyond normal. . Currently, as with March 2, you can use March 3 without having to worry about becoming a tiny helpless being. Second and Third March Combined It may not be a transformation in and of itself, but it is the result of the increased power that Luffy has built up over the years. After getting acclimated to using both gears, Luffy eventually developed the ability to use them interchangeably without problems, alternating use that logically made him much more deadly and unpredictable when fighting his enemies. Form of ‘Nightmare’ One Piece surprised by a state of Luffy we haven’t seen again Thriller Bark’s arc was one of the darkest of all of “One Piece,” to the point that Luffy himself ended up by taking a more “undead” form than a living human kicking. After absorbing a series of shadows, Luffy sees how he transforms into some sort of weird Hulk with far greater physical potential than he had ever achieved before. However, given the timely nature of the transformation, the captain is unable to use it again later because he cannot repeat the conditions that allow it. Fourth of March With the Fourth of March, Luffy has arrived with enough potential to surpass the most powerful of the Seven Sea Warriors. In this state, Luffy follows a very similar base to that of the third of March, although when he inflates his body , he uses Haki at the same time to strengthen himself in different ways. Additionally, given the huge Haki consumption he requires, Luffy can only maintain his usage for a few minutes – a limitation which is reduced as his potency increases. On the other hand, we know that the Fourth March has several applications, which break down as follows: Bounce Man The Bounce Man is the most balanced form of Luffy in One Piece The first aspect we saw of the Fourth March and the one that We verified that Luffy had made a big jump in terms of power. With Bounce Man, Luffy literally starts bouncing all over the place, although he can also change his build to “ fly ” by propelling himself with his legs like jets. In this form, Luffy’s defense increases dramatically given his makeup, but he’s also capable of unleashing some of the most devastating blows he’s ever seen. Tank Man Luffy loses all mobility in One Piece by using this form of pure power, this is the aspect that has been least used by Luffy to date, and for obvious reasons. Tank Man asks Luffy to inflate his body to the limit while using Haki in order to get as much brute force as possible. Logically, the physical state in which he remains means that his mobility is zero, so it is a transformation whose use is extremely circumstantial. Snake Man The Snakeman is the form of absolute speed that Luffy has shown in One Piece. The Snake Man of the Fourth March is the state whereby Luffy achieves the highest possible speed his body allows him. In this state, Luffy’s Haki and flexibility are used so that the Straw Hat Pirates’ captain can achieve mobility and unpredictability that puts the best observing Haki in a difficult position. While not as balanced as Bounce Man, Snake Man is an alternative that can be adapted to many types of scenarios.