These are all Visual Jutsus from Naruto

In Naruto, some ninjas don’t need to use mine to shape chakra and perform jutsu. Through other specialties, which pass from geração to geração between families, they can use exclusive techniques that cannot be learned. These olhos (this skill) are given dojutsu (Dōjutsu (瞳 術; «Eye techniques»;)). Technically, any technique you go up against or use gives you a vision to use a jutsu and a dojutsu, but after that we will exclusively miss two Kekkei Genkai. Most likely due to genetic origin, two dojutsu will be two Otsutsuki, or the function of the two common jutsus would be different. For starters, you don’t need to use mine seals to shape the chakra. Different from any other jutsu, visual jutsu does not involve prior manipulation of the chakras to be performed. It is impossible to learn the techniques of dojutsu. I have less hair for ninjas than I got or dojutsu first. Either way, it is possible to transfer dojutsu from one person to another who is not blood related. Despite the transplanted dojutsu and some side effects, it works normally. And while these specialties can be exacerbated, that does not mean that the user is chakra exhausted. Or seja, the chakra paths for you seem to have a special coisa that makes this difference for you dojutsu. The Big Three Dojutsu Due to their importance in the history of the shinobi, or Byakugan, or Sharingan eo Rinnegan are known as the Big Three Dojutsu. Initially, we were only introduced to the Byakugan and the Sharingan, as Rinnegan was treated as a near divine power. After the events prior to Naruto, or Byakugan became or dojutsu as the largest number of known (and alive) users. All of the Conquered Byakugan or Byakugan Dojutsu is a kekkei genkai that comes directly from the Otsutsuki. Some Otsutsuki – Kaguya filhos – will sit on Terra e na Lua, or dojutsu manifested mainly in Hyuuga. This dojutsu, when activated, expands the visual abilities of the user. As the right equipment, the user benefits from a 360º field of vision 50 meters in diameter – which can be extended to miles from very perfect vision. Ainda allows the user to visualize the chakra in the internal circulatory system of other people and creatures. In view of the user, he can see through common barriers, such as walls and chimneys, as some special barriers can prevent Byakugan’s view. Some users (usually Otsutsuki) possess even more impressive powers, like Momoshiki claiming that his Byakugan could see the plight of others – but not his. Kaguya could «see» the victim’s mind, be able to reach feelings, thoughts and attach memories. Mesmo Hamura, another Otsutsuki offered by Byakugan, could not repel this attack. She could also immobilize him through chakra impulses emitted as Byakugan. Sharingan A derivation of two original dojutsu, two Otsutsuki, or Sharingan is a visual jutsu that passes in two ways from Sábio dos Seis Caminhos and assentou no clã Uchiha. The powers of the Sharingan are divided into Olho do Understanding and Olho do Hypnotism. O Olho do Understandingimento brings together the visual skills of Sharingan. Things like seeing the chakra and being able to distinguish characteristics of energy, detecting irregularities without chakra flow from other people, etc. It also gives the user an incredible perception, which allows him to «leiam» of the weights, to attach the body movements more sutis. Isso allows for example to «predict» the combat movement of an opponent. This allows them to automatically read other people’s lips or understand them instantly. Finally, Olho do Understandingimento allows them to memorize ninjutsu, genjutsu and taijutsu with great efficiency, allowing them to quickly copy contradictory techniques. O Olho do Hypnotism allows the user to elevate a special type of genjutsu, invoked only as eye contact as a Sharingan. The illusion ranges from behavioral suggestion to identical or total control of the victim’s body. Powerful Uchihas can use this same ability to control Bestas as Cauda. Ability of Olho do Hypnotism and ability to «see or future». With a mixture of «magic trick» and mild hypnotism, or Uchiha can convince a victim that he is able to copy him faster than the victim himself is able to make moves. In combat, the isso can cause confusion or delay sufficient to be decisive. Mangekyo Sharingan An advanced version of Sharingan, which is apparently awakened when the user is present at the death of a loved one. It also grants the ability to summon a gigantic and extremely powerful chakra build as two olhos (Susanoo), or a user who has two other usually unique special powers. Itachi, for example, the ganhou or the power to manipulate or space-time in the user’s mind through a genjutsu called Tsukuyomi, or which he could use to cause days of psychological torture in just a few days. . He (e seu irmão Sasuke) could also light a black fire impossible to extinguish with common meios and that he lived seven days and seven nights, or Amaterasu. O Mangekyou Sharingan is very stressful on the victim’s body, causing immense dormancy in its use, usually causing the same bleeding from both mucous membranes. Or the use of Mangekyou will inevitably lead to the user’s blindness … Unless the transplant of a Mangekyou from a close family member, or it resolves all the side effects of dojutsu. Rinnegan Or more powerful two three great dojutsu, or Rinnegan also appears to be a special olho directly injured two Otsutsuki. Their powers (e sua cor) vary greatly from user to user, but these powers invariably confer great power. Tê-los will be next to Sábio two Six Paths and, therefore, two next Otsutsuki. Rinne Sharingan Or dojutsu dos docks or Rinnegan eo Sharingan são derivatives. As soon as Rinnegan is able to become or Jinchuuriki da Dez Caudas awakens this special dojutsu, which allows the user to initiate a genjutsu capable of reaching the whole world and also teleporting through dimensions. Tenseigan A powerful dojutsu used by Toneri Otsutsuki. It is a «form» of «evolution» of Byakugan, being reached or mixing the chakra of two Otsutsuki as or Byakugan of clã Hyuuga. In terms of power, he is similar to Rinnegan – Toneri claimed to be so powerful when Madara Uchiha was possessed by Tenseigan. Also in a special chakra mode, where Tenseigan allows the creation of Esperas do Caminho da Verdade, or it is in fact an indicator of extreme power. Jougan Esse dojutsu, exclusive to Boruto Uzumaki, not exactly known, precisely for appearing as the first non-protagonist of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. He appears to have Byakugan abilities, such as the ability to see the chakra, like the sensory sense of Naruto’s negative emotions. It’s hard to say how much or what powers Boruto will guarantee no future. We barely know that he is related to the Otsutsuki (Momoshiki seems to «win back» or Jougan) and that he will be important for the fate of the young ninja. Isshiki Otsutsuki’s dojutsu This dojutsu is not specific and has an absolutely unique visual possibility. Like him, Isshiki could use Sukunahikona, a skill that allowed him to decrease (or return) in size instantly. He could use this ability on other inanimate objects. He could also use the Daikokuten, which allowed the frame to be used to cut Sukunahikona’s diminished hair into a particular dimension where or when it didn’t stop. A combination of powers, adapted to Isshiki’s Otsutsuki physiology or transformed into a strong opponent or enough to defeat Naruto and Sasuke together, multiple times. Ketsuryuugan O Olho do Sangue do Dragão is a dojutsu of some members of the Chinoike club. It can be used to perform powerful genjutsus, similar in potency to the Sharingan. Superior ability to control liquids with high iron concentration, such as water or other mining water. Other Dojutsu Some dojutsu have been used with higher explanations or specific origins, usually in exclusive anime episodes or for certain movies. Due to its lack of relation to the other dojutsu, the ficam meio «de fora» two more in the classification of the two visual Jutsus. Ranmaru Ranmaru’s Kekkei Genkai had a kekkei genkai which, when activated, caused it to become shiny vermelho. These olhos allow him to have a penetrating vision, as well as to suppress for the moment other dojutsu, like the Byakugan. Predição Em Naruto Shippuden or Film, Shion possui um dojutsu which allows a person’s age or future. Usually unintentional to show possible death from dessa pessoa. Olho Nourno Yome has a dojutsu which allows the pupils to dilate and follow the animals through tiny drops of water. She could also increase her evasion abilities during combat. Naruto Shippuden was shown between the years 2007 and 2017 and counts until the second phase of the anime. Nela, Naruto returns after two years of training as a missão to fight Akatsuki and then to save Sasuke from the clutches of Orochimaru. Ao all, or anime has 500 episodes (including Naruto Shippuden fillers), and ends the story of Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi. Além disso, or anime prepares or prepares a sequel direta da historia. You can accompany Naruto in its entirety through Crunchyroll. Além dele, o Servço conta com classic Naruto e Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, its direct continuation. Access the site via this link and then earn 14 days of free bonus in a nova conta.

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