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These are the 10 best high school anime

  • by Alba luz Leal
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One of the most common topics in the world of anime is high school stories. The anime industry is one that has already represented a thousand and one different stories, combining all kinds of genres in ways that were initially unimaginable. On the other hand, a particularly recurring theme in the various productions is that of the location of the protagonists in the “anime institutes”, which has given rise to some of the most memorable stories on the scene. So, while always keeping in mind that the list is entirely subjective and that other names could perfectly well be considered – so I will quote at the end of the article – I am grouping below those that can be considered. like the 10 best anime in high school. available. Toradora Romance is something that is central to every teenage life, and as such “Toradora” is clearly one of the biggest exponents in this regard. Likewise, the anime deals with the complexity of adolescence and this feeling for a lot that the world around them doesn’t understand the person, not forgetting as usual to add a necessary pinch of humor. This story is, like few others, one of the clearest examples of quality among high school anime that has thrived in recent years. Hyouka Hyouka is one of the most singular high school anime on the scene. In “Hyouka,” we can also find touches of romance that are much more subtle than the story that “Toradora” presents, although what’s really interesting about the anime isn’t so much that. In “Hyouka” we see how the story evolves around the nature of the characters themselves, solving a series of “mysteries” that come with some truly exceptional clichés – especially mentioning Chitanda -. As part of the high school anime, “Hyouka” is distinguished by a unique essence thanks to a very particular cast of characters. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo” certainly has a very unique cast of characters. This is something that is particularly noticeable in Shiina, and which is nuanced by this artistic theme that accompanies the group of main characters throughout the work. As one of the high school anime “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo”, it retains the usual touches of romance and humor that we see in the vast majority, but it still does so with a unique essence that we cannot. find in no other anime of the same group. Kimagure Orange Road Kimagure Orange Road is one of the great classics and pioneers of high school anime, one of the great pioneers of high school anime which on the other hand also has some sci-fi touches. . The love story of Kasuga, Madoka and Hikaru is an absolute benchmark in the scene, and at the same time a must see if you are a fan of the genre. While this anime far exceeds the longevity of most of the roster, it is possible to make sure that its various ups and downs, situations and relationship progresses as well as the characters are worth spending time on this classic among the many. high school anime. Kimi ni Todoke “Kimi no Todoke” shows us the beauty of not judging by appearances and, likewise, of looking beyond what one might find in a person at first glance. This member of the high school anime has a great romance story as well, as well as quite a different art style than the usual one that sets him apart from most of the roster. Similar to “Kimagure Orange Road,” it has a bit higher extension than the rest of the anime on the list, but it’s also recommended for positive drops as the story progresses. Nichijou Nichijou, the perfect expression of absurd humor transferred to teenage life “Nichijou” is … “Nichijou”. While he might include it in the high school anime, the truth is that this work stands out with a huge difference from the rest of the cited anime. The anime exhibits a constant absurd humor that, to this day, has left us with some of the most iconic comedy moments in all of Japanese animation history. In “Nichijou,” we might not have those undertones of romance that characterize the high school anime or that cast of branded role-playing characters, but for what that means to the anime, it’s a absolute necessity in the genre. K-On! We can’t complete a high school anime list without mentioning “K-On!” The group of students we meet in this anime are the ones that will stay with us forever, as well as some of the musical themes that the protagonists make up. No, in “K-On!” There is not the slightest hint of romance, but their little stories – with enough humor – are the ones to watch, especially accompanying the protagonists throughout their stage in Japanese high school. Re: Life Re: Life merges partial elements of the iskai with the usual high school anime Perhaps one of the most whimsical stories on the entire high school anime roster is the one starring “Re: Life” , which introduces a “second chance” ‘to relaunch the institute and thus emerge into adulthood in a different way than today. The concept of “Re: Life” therefore seems closer to that presented by the isekai productions, but it is their characters, their context and their relationships that make us see that we are confronted with one of the high school anime that evokes the better the feelings of the above step. Your Lie in April We’ll end the list with a healthy dose of drama, and so couldn’t be missing in this selection of high school anime “Your Lie in April”. Perhaps this is one of the bittersweet stories of all high school anime, in which it is necessary to arm yourself with courage to accompany your protagonist on a journey full of difficulties. It is precisely for this reason that “Your Lie in April” manages to offer us a story that closely touches everyone’s feelings, whether with its moments of sadness, joy or even musical compositions that will make us vibrate. Orange Orange, one of the most dramatic stories as part of the high school anime If “Your Lie in April” manages to thrill the viewer with its story, “Orange” is also another production that seeks to stir the bowels of the spectator. and he succeeds in doing so on several occasions. Here we also find more of a sci-fi twist, which fails to blur the dramatic core formed around its cast of main characters. If what you’re looking for is a high school story that keeps moving around the characters, “Orange” is clearly a work to be reckoned with. Honorable Mentions The theme of the high school anime is so broad that it is certainly not possible to rightly put them all into a list of 10 names. That is why those interested in the subject should visit other productions such as the following: NisekoiThe Quintessential QuintupletsKokoro ConnectWe will never learn the Fruit Basket Even so, we recommend that you pay attention to future versions of this set, because high school anime is a very common resource and will undoubtedly continue to add members over the years.