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These are the years and volumes left until the end of One Piece, according to a WSJ editor

  • by Alba luz Leal
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“One Piece” is one of those works that fans can’t imagine a true ending to. Luffy’s and company journey has lasted so long that for some it’s a part of who they are, however, it’s increasingly clear that it’s time to start preparing for the conclusion. And is that, once again, we see how, from Weekly Shonen Jump, they talk about what’s left until the end of Eiichiro Oda’s story. One Piece again sees its ending tied to about 4-5 years ago.It should be noted that on this occasion the comments were not made by Oda-sensei, but the person in charge of speaking was the one of the current editors of Weekly Shonen Jump (via WSJ): As we can see, editor Kohei Onishi mentioned that “One Piece” has about 4-5 years of activity remaining, which in turn would result in about 20-30 manga volumes remaining. This implies that, again, this framework is referenced around 2025 to end the adventure of the Straw Hat Pirates. It will be remembered, in case of doubt, that this same timeline is the one expressed by Oda-sensei during the last 2020, so a priori it seems that the expectations in terms of content have not changed the least for the author. Logically, this does not mean that things could not change in a few years, but a priori everything indicates that currently “One Piece” already has a very marked schedule. With the end of “One Piece”, it is more than obvious that many fans will be completely helpless in the face of generational work as has only happened with “Dragon Ball”, “Naruto” and a few other names at it. day. That’s why, at the time, we came up with an alternative line to explore the pirate past with the climbs of Gol D. Roger, Whitebeard and others. In the shared article, you can read it in its entirety.