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They arrest a woman for trying to set the offices of Wit Studio on fire (Vinland Saga, AoT)

  • by Alba luz Leal

Animation studio forced to tighten its security in the face of past incident at Kyoto Animation Wit Studio has been one of the most prominent Japanese animation companies in the world for years, and its popularity has started to grow considerably after his efforts with the first. three seasons of “Shingeki no Kyojin”. However, the company now finds itself in a situation that evokes terrible memories: a woman was arrested after expressing her intention to burn down her offices. Woman almost repeated Kyoto Animation’s case with Wit Studio Kyoto Animation was not as lucky as Wit Studio at the time It was on May 7th that a 25-year-old woman emailed Wit Studio in which he assured that “I will set fire to your offices in a week”. Fortunately, after tightening the security of its offices internally, Wit Studio saw how the local police ended up detaining the woman in question – which happened on Wednesday of last week – who confessed to making the threat in question (via ANN). At the moment, an investigation is still open regarding this woman with the intention of finding out two different things: whether she suffers from some type of mental disorder and whether she has been the author of a series of threats against Wit Studio which date back to 2018. The Result This investigative process, logically, will eventually have repercussions on the punishment inflicted on the woman, who luckily did not materialize any harm. As was also to be expected, this situation reminded many people of the disastrous episode that involved Kyoto Animation a few years ago. In the case of the study commissioned by “K-On!” and “Violet Evergarden”, however, he was not as lucky as for Wit Studio. The consequence was that a fire claimed the lives of more than thirty workers in the company, which ended up considerably affecting the work plans. Although this case shows that there are still people with the worst intentions despite the episode of “Kyoto Animation”, we end up with the positive side that they reacted in time. So let’s hope that in the future any kind of murderous intent that could cause misfortune like the one experienced with “Kyoto Animation” will be completely stopped.