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They deny rumors about Berserk author’s ‘terrible’ lifestyle

  • by Alba luz Leal
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One of his assistants assured that many comments were completely unfounded. “Berserk” author Kentarou Miura passed away at the age of 54 a few days ago. It was soon after that some of the author’s notes on his sacrificial mangaka life emerged, pointing out the lack of dreams, the lack of days off, and all kinds of signs of immense labor exploitation. However, one of his assistants wanted to deny that the author has not led a healthy life in recent years. Kentarou Miura (Berserk) knew how to take care of himself after his most difficult stages of mangaka. Truth be told, the notes, which we transcribed in full at the time, have ceased to show the author’s comments for the past decade and a half. . Now we find out that this is because Miure-sensei clearly changed his mind at some point in his life (via ruggia_manga): “I would like to correct a misunderstanding in the name of Mr. Miura’s reputation. People seem mistakenly assume that she is living a terrible life based on a series of comments that were made public in volumes two decades ago. For about 15 years, Miura-sensei has been leading a balanced life, eating good nutrition and exercising. ‘exercise regularly. He was in very good health and suffered from no illnesses. “It must be remembered that Miura-sensei’s cause of death led many people to assume that the stress of posting” Berserk “ended up causing a general worsening of his condition. However, in this case we see the one who was the main manager of all his assistants indicating that for many years Kentarou Miura was aware of his health. In fact, maybe that’s why the release rate of “Berserk” has dropped in recent years. While it seems undeniable that in the course of his manga career Kentarou Miura experienced moments of great stress, it must also be assumed that at least his last years of life passed much more calmly than his debut. Hopefully, considering these statements from the assistant, Miura-sensei was able to spend a good few years enjoying everything she had earned through her hard work. Synopsis for Berserk “Guts, a former mercenary now known as ‘Black Swordsman’, seeks revenge. After a difficult childhood, he finally finds someone he respects and believes he can trust … something which changes when that person delights him. Guts cares about everything simply for the sake of fulfilling his desires. Now marked for death, Guts is doomed to a spell in which demonic entities continually pursue him.