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They report sexual abuse to the actor of the series “El Chema”

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Luis Gerónimo Abreu, recognized for his role of gangster “Nelson” in “El Chema”, is now accused by a woman of having sexually assaulted her, after various complaints were filed against some personalities of the entertainment in his country in his Venezuela native. Through his Instagram account, the actor expressed his concern over the charges against him and expressed his position on the matter. “I strongly deny these accusations. I would never force a woman to do something without her consent, ”said Abreu, visibly affected by the situation. Likewise, the protagonist of the series Bolívar, from the Netflix platform, pointed out that, although he supports the #YoTeCreo movement, it should not be forgotten that complaints must be made on reliable data, based on proofs. They report sexual abuse against an actor in the series “El Chema” For a few days, a person shared his testimony on Instagram anonymously, reporting that 24 years ago, while working as an extra at Venevisión, As part of the Lazos de sangre project, the actor, who was also involved in the production, forced her to have sex in his car before leaving her at home. Make sure that if she didn’t, he would leave her in a very dangerous area. Luis Geronimo Abreu is also sprinkled with it all. Gross. – ~ Lily ~ (@LilyCon_Ye) April 29, 2021 For his part, Luis Gerónimo said in his defense that he could never have parked on the Petare bridge at 5 a.m. to have sex because every Venezuelan knows this is an extremely dangerous place. They report sexual abuse on an actor from the series “El Chema” They report sexual abuse on an actor from the series “El Chema”