This is how Jujutsu Kaisen can be even higher than Naruto

Several of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most striking features seem to come straight from Naruto. Even in the formation of the “time” of the protagonist Itadori Yuuji and practically at the same time as Naruto’s Time 7, like semelhanças between Megumi / Sasuke and Gojo / Kakashi being inegáveis. More aspect Jujutsu is definitely better than Naruto: or protagonist as a demon living in no body. The initial premise of the two series is relatively similar. The two protagonists, Naruto and Yuuji, have their increased importance in their respective worlds as they will be the hosts of a powerful demonic creature. In Naruto, this creature is the demon of Nove Caudas Raposa. Or melhor, it was. Eventually, this part of Lore was expanded to include the creature that lived in Naruto, who was no longer known as a demon. Kurama was, really, a biju. Uma Besta with Cauda bred by the spirit of a great Besta de Dez Caudas (Juubi) hair Sábio dos Seis Caminhos. Sábio’s idea was to separate Juubi’s perigosa chakra into nine parts, each a different Besta. These bijuu help humanity to connect through the chakra to humanity logo viu or military potential of these creatures and passou to escravizá-las. The main form of fazer is to imprison this creature inside a human, which would become a Jinchuuriki, and would be or equivalent to a nuclear bomb in terms of destructive potential. Years of persecution and abuse have turned Kurama into a creature taken for granted against humanity, a time that has always been used against his raids to carry out the warlike actions of his captors. I attached that he was imprisoned in Naruto. Different from two other kidnappers, Naruto intended to change the shinobi world that caused so much hatred and death among humans and Bestas com Cauda. As a tempo, Naruto won the respect of Kurama and other Bestas as Cauda, ​​eventually becoming friends with them. Above all, Naruto became friends with Kurama. Since then, an evil creature who did not live in Naruto’s body and would be a possible friend to everyone, she just envelops a source of power for Naruto. Kurama, who previously planned to take or control Naruto’s actions so that he could escape and hate or garoto, continued to work together as the protagonist. E embora or arc da amizade two must is really interesting, this change in the relationship two must throws any possible tension on the dynamics. Or the mere use of Jinchuuriki’s power was feared by all. O fate of Naruto, it is possible that Raposa Demônio in his body is because of the hair of the one he was alienated by the hair of his own compatriots. Ameaça that Raposa de Nove Caudas represented whenever Naruto used his powers, he lost it, once they moved on to work together. E stronger than ever. Já or case of Yuuji Itadori é bem different. Assimilated as Naruto, the host of an evil creature. Ryomen Sukuna is a curse more powerful than ever. So much so that, unable to be defeated, he was divided into 20 parts (20 fingers) and sealed in various parts of the world to prevent him from being slightly shaken. But when Yuuji consumed two of Sukuna’s fingers, he became a perfect candidate for curse possession. But unlike Kurama, Sukuna is truly an evil and hardly misunderstood creature. Like all other curses, it is the conscious materialization of negative feelings for two human beings. I know these are the most powerful materializations. He does not intend to cooperate with Yuuji e vê o sofrimento de seu hostdeiro as an incredible source of prazer. Someone will help Yuuji when his members alinham for some reason excuse from Rei das Maldições. Or seja, whenever the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen is forced to use the powers of Sukuna, usually I have to change from a place where he does not control his own body, there is great tension. We once don’t know what Sukuna’s true intentions are and whether this huge prazer caused Yuuji’s frustration, or permanent conflict. And, also as mentioned above, or the fact of Sukuna is an evil creature by definition heads because it does not foresee the change of dynamics. E pior, how many more fingers Sukuna Yuuji consumes, the more potent Sukuna fica. Or seja, or increase in power that the feiticeiro can access and directly related to the perigo that Sukuna offers for him and for his friends. It’s always a little frustrating where the story of Naruto was resolved “easily” to the question of Raposa de Nove Caudas. But never imagine that if Kurama had never changed his mind, it would be so interesting. And Jujutsu Kaisen looked exactly isso. Não só is also obriga Yuuji to become stronger on his own, as we know Sukuna will summon him in desperate situations. And that these situations are only the most desperate with the presence of the curse. It’s the last thing to create lasting suspense and most shows Jujutsu Kaisen will become two all-time greats. Jujutsu Kaisen (translated for Batalha de Feiticeiros no Brasil) is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Gege Akutami, and published in Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since March 5, 2018. Individual chapters are compiled into tankobon volumes and published by Shueisha since July 2018. A series is authorized and published in Brazil by the publisher Panini. Volumes are published monthly for the time being. An anime adapting the story of Jujutsu Kaisen started releasing in 2020 in Japan on Crunchyroll. He is responsible for Mappa, the same responsibility for the last temporada of Shingeki no Kyojin Acesse or the site via this link and then I have 14 days of free bonus in a nova conta.

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