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Three things we want to see in the Dragon Ball Super 2022 movie

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Dragon Ball Super” will have a new movie in 2022, the first animated content in the saga since the feature “Broly” premiered about three years ago. At the moment, however, there’s no word on how much we’ll see in it, as it could well be an entirely original story as well as the adaptation of Moro’s arc, which concluded in the manga format a few months ago. Therefore, depending on where Toei Animation chooses to go, we will have certain expectations or others for the film. In the face of this uncertainty, we’ve dealt with three things we’d like to see in the 2022 movie of “Dragon Ball Super,” always keeping in mind that there is no meaning expressed yet. No more presence of Broly and Uub Since forever We haven’t yet announced what the 2022 movie “Dragon Ball Super” will tell, we cannot assume that it is Moro’s arc that will be depicted – although this or the most logical and obvious bet of all -. That sense, okay I could present ntarse an alternate story that took place between the events of the Tournament of Power and the aforementioned villain arc, which we saw with the movie “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”. Currently, Toyotaro and Toriyama are completely focused on continuing the story progression around the characters of Goku and Vegeta only. This is why the presence of characters from Uub and Broly, who appear to be and / or may be important to the lore of “Dragon Ball Super,” is odd in their absence from the main plot. With that in mind, we shouldn’t rule out that the two characters may gradually gain prominence through the films. Broly rebirth into a new era to disappear again into the shadow of lore At the end of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” we saw that the “third saiyan” was on good terms with Goku, residing on a planet where he wouldn’t be found with problems of any kind, but … is that all? The same can be said of Uub, who even has an important intervention in the ark of Moro. Both characters have potential as warriors and popularity as characters, and yet we see how the plot of “Dragon Ball Super” continues to deny them any presence for the most part. If the 2022 movie “Dragon Ball Super” did not cover the Moro arc, it would be interesting to establish a line by which Uub and Broly have gained prominence across the tapes, perhaps even with possible relief or complement. of relevance in the main saga – as unlikely as that sounds. Either way, using both characters in one way or another might be interesting. Goku’s ‘New Transformation’: Ultra Instinct Mastered This point features somewhat peculiar plot spoilers from the Moro arc, so non-readers of the manga might choose to ignore it. That said, in the event that the 2022 movie “Dragon Ball Super” relies entirely on the adaptation of Moro’s arc, there is something we would like to see above the rest of the elements: mastery of Son Goku. by Ultra Instinct. The Ultra Instinct reappeared during the Moro arc in style Yes, it is true that during the Tournament of Power arc, Goku uses both the black and silver hair versions of the transformation, but he does it over and over again to nothing but pure luck. After the aforementioned arc, we see how the saiyan does not have the slightest idea of ​​being able to use the transformation in question. In fact, to achieve the primary state of Ultra Instinct in its incomplete form requires a lot of practice and even so it shows with very limited use. So it is after the death of a very trustworthy being – the purest first Super Saiyan, but with a different assimilation – that Son Goku really manages to dominate the Ultra Instinct before Moro. The moment of attaining the form, the different powers it reveals in its use and, in general, everything around that moment is something that must be represented in the most refined way possible if it ends up being part of the movie. Aesthetically and Visually Surprising One of the biggest surprises of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” was not only the canonization of the aforementioned character, as well as that of Gogeta, but the fact that the direction of Tatsuya Nagamine apparently brought a new visual era for the anime franchise. The aesthetic change, which struck some because of the traditional design, was nonetheless welcomed, even with CGI’s foray, and now we want to assume that something similar will happen. While at the time it seemed to be intended to maintain the artistic style we saw in “Dragon Ball Super: Broly,” Akira Toriyama expressed in the 2022 film’s reveal that they were preparing to “ visit a unexplored territory in terms of aesthetics. . visual ”. Without a first reference in either an animated teaser format or a simple image, the reality is that this description is one that has endless possibilities. Dragon Ball Super: Broly made a clear aesthetic change that many weren’t expecting. One idea that might be appreciated would be for the film to have been made entirely in 3D CGI, which we haven’t really seen in “Dragon Ball” since its inception. This step is one that Studio Ghibli recently took, for example, although the reality is that this is an unlikely alternative – especially because the reception could be unusually negative given the abrupt deviation of the visual canon. In that sense, then, the only alternative left is to imagine that Toei Animation might think, once again, of a general design change as has already happened with “Dragon Ball Super: Broly”. The outcome that this would have is certainly unpredictable, but it would take fans getting used to a change in classic Son Goku, Vegeta, and other characters once again.