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Todd Phillips to sign contract and write ‘Joker’ sequel

  • by Alba luz Leal
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After the overwhelming success of the movie “Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix, the producers were happy not only with the product, but with the huge amount of money they pocketed and that’s why they are thinking of a sequel. . Todd Phillips is said to have signed a contract and would be the screenwriter for the “Joker” sequel Although no one wanted to reveal whether there would be a “Joker” sequel, the truth is that both DC Universe fans and those who aren’t, hope there’s a second part to this villain’s story. Given the secrecy of the producer and creators, it is now known that Todd Phillips would return as director and screenwriter of the sequel in the life of Arthur Fleck. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips may already have a contract for the second part of “Joker” and would be in charge of this work in the following days. Warner has not confirmed whether Joaquin Phoenix will be the Joker again. Despite that, it’s unclear if Joaquin Phoenix will star in The Joker, or if Scott Silver, who co-wrote the script for the film, will also be involved. Recall that in the first part, “Joker” tells the story and the origins of the most famous villain of Batman, but in a more psychological version that makes you understand the birth of this villain. A ‘Joker’ ending that will lead to a sequel Despite this report, Todd Phillips has kept his involvement in this project a secret, but given the sheer number of bills a sequel would generate, Warner Bros … twist. In the first tape, at the end, Arthur Fleck walked into Arkham Asylum and then he is seen walking out of the therapy room leaving a trail of blood, it would make for a sequel that the producer will surely do.