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Trevor Lawrence selected by Jacksonville Jaguars in NFL draft

  • by Alba luz Leal

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence was selected in the first pick in the NFL Draft by the Jacsonville Jaguars as speculated for a few months in the face of American football’s 2021 campaign. The Clemson University quarterback will don the Jacksonville team jersey to sign a winning brand campaign, something they have only accomplished once in the past 13 seasons. Lawrence won an NCAA championship with the Clemson Tigers in 2019, but last temporada he failed to take the title and left college football with disappointment before reaching the top flight. The 21-year-old from Knoxville, Tennessee has a strong arm, plus he doesn’t look bad getting out of the bag and carrying the ball, making him versatile for a style like Jaguars. WHO IS TREVOR LAWRENCE? Young Trevor Lawrence of Clemson University is expected to be a quarterback in the Peyton Manning category. Strong and very precise arm, but also able to run and read defenses, Trevor Lawrence can do it all, which makes him a good decision for the Jacksonville Jaguars in this NFL draft. Lawrence can develop plays inside the protective bag, but if he’s in a hurry he has legs to come out and become a danger, because besides being quick he has the body to gain yards without fear of the blows. blows. Along with Clemson, he has proven his winning character, so he’ll be a great addition to the downed Jags, who need a size leader to make them winners. SHEET Trevor Lawrence University: Clemson 1.98 m 99 Kg Air 10098 yd 90-17 TD-Int. 164.3 Resistance to earth 943 yd 4.1 yd / ac. 18 TD SFRM