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Trust Idade two main characters from Avatar

  • by Alba luz Leal
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Avatar: Aang’s Lenda was one of the two biggest events between the animations, check here how each character has a plot. An Avatar story has come up focused on a child audience and then you will see many new people listed below. Please confide in two main Avatar Confira characters from the list below: Mai Ela was only 15 and a year more velha than Azula and Ty Lee, but how this person was a voice actor with great potential . Ty Lee Ty Lee was 14 years old and from a first family, he was also close to Azula and Mai. Azula Azula tinha was barely 14 years old and she was a villainous nova in all of Avatar’s history. She has been extremely powerful for her life and has managed to put something in anyone. Suki Suki has 15 years of history and she began her career as a warrior for 8 years. A true prodigy from the world of Avatar. Sokka Sokka was 15 and he was a member of the team with less hair tied back or Zuko ran the hair through his redemption arc and decided to join the Avatar team. Aang Aang tinha barely 12 years old, that is to say 112 years old you say the hour that he was frozen in the sea. O his physical and psychological, he is totally of a child of 12 years old, despite his centenary since he was a boy. Iroh O uncle Iroh é o member but velho dessa Lista, showing his 55 years of existence. It was crucial in the story for Zuko to achieve his redemption. Katara Katara was barely 14 and she was a mature girl and I was tied up for her life. More than this maturidade to save and ajudou or Aang several times during your day. Zuko Zuko is 16 years old in the story and has become the longest-serving member of the avatar team in the past for his redemption and joined them. Toph Toph is barely 12 years old and is the oldest product on this list. She was only 6 years old when she decided to run away from home and learned to turn to the ground, despite all the difficulties she faced. Also check: